MBFWA good times

May 4, 2012

Georg Jenson/ Vogue Australia event

During MBFWA I went along and attended an event to preview original artwork by Inge Jacobson in addition to the limited collection fusion cuff. My favourite model (equal to Natasha Polly) Freja Beha Erichson was the subject matter wearing the cuffs in an impressive series of cross stitched artworks.

Me and the gorgeous Lee Oliveira

My dear friend Cecylia and I. Oh and ps- the shoes I am wearing was not on purpose despite the effort I went to to pretend that it was. I went out for dinner with mum and bub and had my perfectly co ordinated heel in the stroller ready to replace before jumping in the cab. But as I drove away in that cab I saw my perfect heels get pushed away with my bub in the stroller. Devastated but secretly relieved that my feet were getting a break I waltzed into the GJ store as though flats are the new heels!

Breakfast with an Iconic Audrey

Me and the lady herself: Lady Melbourne one of, if not the first Aussie blogger

Nadia, me and Bianca

Tash and I

What a way for me to finish off my trip to Sydney than at a blogger breakfast. The lovely girls at The Iconic and Breakfast With Audrey put on a wonderful morning for us blogger pal’s, this time in their stomping ground as last time was in Melbourne. It was held at my favourite Chocolatier Guylian cafe and oh what a treat it was. I had a fabulous time in Sydney for MBFWA with great friends, fashion and food. I can’t wait to head up again soon x

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5 Comments on “MBFWA good times”

  1. Mica says:

    Lovely pics, I think your flats worked really well! :)


  2. cecylia says:

    Lovely post- great photos Jess!!! You looked stunning

  3. Flora Fascinatablog says:

    How amazing is Inge Jacobsen’s work!? Would love to own a piece, that’s for sure. I read about her in this month’s Vogue and then saw your post, happy! Imagine having to work out the designs! Lovely frocks again, funny too, my eyes went straight to your feet when I saw the flats, sensed something could have gone awry!

  4. Ali says:

    I absolutely love your cream cape. Was this a recent purchase? I would love to own something similar…. Thanks :)

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