Jess Dempsey by Candice Lake Westfield Doncaster Campaign

March 20, 2013

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I am so excited to finally share with you one of the biggest highlights in my career, some of you might have already spotted me throughout Melbourne during the week. I am so proud to be involved in the Westfield Doncaster Melbourne Fashion Influencers Campaign shot by international fashion photographer, blogger and down right awesome chick, Candice Lake. As you can imagine for me, working with Candice is the ultimate for a fashion blogger and despite my nerves on the shoot, she was so lovely and fab to work with, we wrapped in under 15 minutes! Mind you, I was a little concerned the cars on Greville Street were going to run me down, OK maybe not in my bright Sports-luxe-to-the-max outfit styled by Meg Gray (Yes, I said Meg Gray!) it was so me and so fun.

So now, be sure to visit Westfield Doncaster and see the exhibition that also features such names as Rebecca Judd, Nadia Coppolino, Samantha Harris and Nick Bracks. Also around the streets of Melbourne you might catch a glimpse of the images as street posters, oh and one massive image of me at the L’oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival! (see my instagram)


- Nike Classic swoosh blue cap, $20
– Diva orange and lilac flower and stone drop earrings, $14.99
– Urban ears from Volume Store, $99.95
– Gorman blue castle crochet jumper, $199
– Gorman “Singin In the Raincoat,” $99
– Gorman “shop of fools” linen dress worn as top, $249
– Bec and Bridge Alumino Elastic Skirt (David Jones), $160.00
– Coach Legacy Perforated Penny Shoulder Purse, $395.00
– Nike Dunk Sky Hi Vintage shoes, $180
– Diva lilac, orange and gold miniscule heart bracelet 3 pack, $12.99
– Zara fluro crystal bracelts, $29.95 each

All pieces are available from Westfield Doncaster

A big THANK YOU goes out to the team at BakerBrand PR for including me in this project and much love to Candice Lake.

An extra special thanks to Lisa Frieling, my lovely photographer who spent the day with me on the shoot capturing the BTS and the awesome video she created!


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8 Comments on “Jess Dempsey by Candice Lake Westfield Doncaster Campaign”

  1. Lovely pics!

    XOXO Maud

    Check out my new outfit post on

  2. bon says:

    love the final shot, its so playful and just fab! what a wonderful expierence for you :)

  3. Janine says:

    Fabulous Jess. So happy for you! x

  4. Mica says:

    So awesome for you Jess! The behind the scenes photos look so good too, bet it was a really fun day! :)

    Away From The Blue

  5. Looks great Jess!

    You should have been able to style yourself though! You’re the influencer after all.

    Nice to have Westfield visit another Melbourne fashion destination to shoot at – cheeky but I like that ;)

  6. Caroline Spiers says:

    Totally amazing Jess all your hard work has paid off! Awesome shots xx

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