All that shimmers is gold

November 18, 2010

Can you believe it is only weeks away until Christmas? It really hasn’t sunk in for me yet, as the weather here is still cold and usually I smell the smell of Christmas in the air, that cut grass and steamy sun scent that reminds me that its nearly summer which means it nearly Christmas! Of course when there is┬áChristmas, there is parties, and I just got home from the Nuffnang get together. It was great to meet fellow Melbourne bloggers and put the face to the ‘blog’.

Just an FYI this ‘skirt’ is actually a dress, something to think about next time you look in your wardrobe and are looking for a skirt to wear- try tucking the top part of your dress to create a skirt!!!

kisses to you all and my amazing new followers xxxxxxxxxxxx

Top: Rare Opulence, Skirt: Asos Dress, Shoes: Miu Miu

Special thanks to the amazing photographer: Lisa Frieling you can check out her blog here

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16 Comments on “All that shimmers is gold”

  1. Patricia says:

    Just found your blog & I <3 it! You have ahh-mazing style! Absolutely divine!

  2. cecylia says:

    This is my favourite blog post so far hun! Love your top- divine! I did a post on ‘All that Glittersis Not Gold’ a while back

  3. Georgina says:

    You look like a hot ‘modern’ minnie mouse. LOVE tucking the the dress-top part in. Miyessss! xx

  4. Lisa says:

    You are beautiful!

  5. msihua says:

    You look awesome in those photos! Great fun meeting you last night too!!!

  6. baby says:

    beautiful lady ,you wear the gold …lol

  7. Jacquelyn says:

    That is beautiful! You look so glamourous.


  8. Lee Oliveira says:

    I started to do my Xmas shopping.. dont’ ask what im buying.. I want everything..
    Looking great in gold Jess..
    love the black bubble dress/skirt.

  9. eden says:

    amaaazing shoes and top:))))

  10. Hi!!!!
    love ure style!

  11. Azahara says:

    I love your style!
    You are very pretty!

    Follow you!


  12. Your Jumper Is Looooovely, Looks A Bit Like Magic.

  13. Stylista says:

    OMG are you kidding me? That is the most gorgeous top I’ve ever seen! You have the greatest clothes! Can we just swap? ;)

  14. ClaraSmiles says:

    the top is so amazing!!
    really glamorous!!

  15. EMILIE says:

    Those MIU MIU shoes are amazing!
    And that top is beyond amazing!
    Love that look!

  16. dishly says:

    oh myyyy SO adorable!
    so magical, and xmas-y :)

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