It’s black, it’s white

September 19, 2010

Black and White- the classic outfit, hmmm with a bit of a twist! I thought I would mix it up a bit with the pattern pants and t-shirt, sort of a messy yet tailored look thanks to the blazer. A few weeks ago I was sent an email from one of my lovely followers Ellis who made me aware of a t-shirt at River Island I HAD TO HAVE!!! So… here it is, my Karl Marc Coco R.I t-shirt!! So, thanks for the tip Ellis, I have worn this t-shirt a million times so far! Oh and can I just say these Mawi rings are unbelieveable! what a statement!!! thanks to my friend Cecylia who stocks them in Australia.

Well, from all the lovely comments about my Miu Miu’s it seems they were a great purchase! cant wait to wear them!

Congratulations to the Louise, the winner of the Clover Leopard belt Giveaway!!! xxx

River Island t-shirt, Vera Moda Blazer, Asos hat, Elliatt pants, Forever 21 heels, Mawi Rings avail from Cecylia boutique- international shipping avail!

Photographer: Matthew Wren

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16 Comments on “It’s black, it’s white”

  1. Jony says:

    Well, another stunning outfit dear! I love just everything, the shoes, pants and t-shirt and rings! Love love love!

  2. dishly says:

    wow black and white could not be more interesting!
    your crazy mix works so well together!!
    thanks heaps for dropping by :)
    your rinnnggss are SO amazing! gorgeous photos :)

  3. Lee Oliveira says:

    Those photos are amazing Jess.
    The look you probably know what I’m going to say (to die for).
    Miu Miu is so your. and the t-shirt.. mm.. i wanna it too

  4. Beautiful pants and gorgeous rings!

  5. Amalina says:

    F21 heels?? You had me fooled…I was convinced they were YSLs. Haaa. I love your pants! Don’t even get me started on your rings….need to steal them from you the next time you visit Singapore ;)

  6. Beverley says:

    i love this, so pretty. black and white has never looked so chic! how are those heels? comfortable? you definitely rocked it!

  7. Great heels – wish we had Forever 21 here.

  8. vonny says:

    wow…love your outfit so much!!!

  9. those black/white printed trousers are absolutely INSANE!
    and so are your rings btw

  10. Bionica says:

    I like this look
    rockin’ from head to toe =)
    oh and those heels are just fabulous girl!!!!


  11. Adri says:

    What a FUN look! I love those patterned trousers

  12. melbgirl says:

    Love this look!
    HEART b&w

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