Fashion moments at Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival

March 21, 2011

Georgie my sis in law

Me and Micah from Raww Blog

My Shoes

Monica and Me

Micah and I with the chicks from Stylezilla

Me and Jasmin from Friend in Fashion

Me, Melissa my fellow styling partner and Cecylia (thanks CC for the pic)

Thanks j-dawg for the snaps xx

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6 Comments on “Fashion moments at Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival”

  1. Vane says:

    Wow fantastcs pisc!!

  2. EMILIE says:

    You all look fantastic!
    Sounds like you had a great time!!!

  3. kirsty says:

    looks like youve been having a fabulous time xxxxx

  4. Hi! Nice post and cool blog! I have just discovered it and I follow you! If you like street style I’m sure you’ll like Mes Voyages à Paris!

  5. Rich Girls says:

    they are some really great shots.
    my favourite piece that you wore was that gold white suede jacket.
    i thought georgie was renee bargh for a second. just gorgeous! x.

  6. cecylia says:

    You look gorgeous in all of the photos! Great outfit!! Can’t believe I missed Georgie! :(

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