Launched for 2012

January 31, 2012

So anyways, what was I saying??? oh yeah my blog… well its new and improved and so two thousand and twelve! (thanks to Juncture Creative) Just a little face lift over the holidays for the ol’ blog and here we are with my first outfit post for 2012. Apologies for the MIA but I really wanted to drop the excess baggage (aka 7.6lb baby plus) before slipping into something a little uncomfortable- because as you know fashion aint about comfort!

So lets get into it! I am back and I am back for good (well… until husby and I decide to have another little poppet or two but that is NOT any time soon my friends) The majority of my pieces you will be seeing in coming posts are garments I purchased during pregnancy because I would not fathom the idea of missing out on any pieces just because I couldn’t squeeze my muffin top in it at the time. Each piece sat comfortably in my second wardrobe inspiring me to say no to chocolate!

I have a few AH-mazing giveaways coming shortly so stay tuned! Don’t you just love free fashion??? All hand picked by me- your own personal stylist! Anyways, enough chit chat and onto the fashion.

Go, be inspired and be fashion confident! xxx

Dress: Motel, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Cuff: CHANEL, Sunglasses: Tom Ford

Photographer: Lisa Frieling (visit her blog) Make-Up: Melissa & Andrea Location: Husband cafe South Yarra

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5 Comments on “Launched for 2012”

  1. Angela says:

    Welcome back! And looking so damn hot!! Those shoes are killer…

    A x

  2. Michelle says:

    Love the new look blog and might add you are looking amazing yourself!


  3. Great to have you back looking gorgeous as usual! Are you looking forward to seeing Karl’s new label?

  4. Pippa says:

    Jess you look amazing! And so stylish! Hope bub (and Hub) are doing weel:) Looking forward to more posts with all the ‘2nd wardrobe’ outfits! x

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