Pregnancy Style

December 18, 2013


I am thinking of starting a maternity line, what do you think? It is something I wanted to do during my last pregnancy but I have no idea where to start. I know what I want and what I want to see in maternity wear that should be available to fashionable mama to be’s but I suppose I am scared to take action, does anyone have any suggestions for me? I am so lucky ASOS Maternity is available and supply me with a wardrobe that resembles that of my non-pregnancy one including these jeans! What a find!

Just to be curious, is anyone else pregnant at the moment? Would love to know where you shop for your pregnancy style!

Jeans: ASOS Maternity ($28!!!),Shirt: ASOS Maternity, Shoes: ASOS, Bag: Celine

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Photography: Fashion Photography Melbourne

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4 Comments on “Pregnancy Style”

  1. Carmen says:

    Yes…I am! Baby girl number two is in her way.. I only buy maternity clothes on asos…. is the best…. I love mix with my regular top clothes. Your style is amazing!

  2. cecylia says:

    I love this outfit! So cannot tell that you’re in your 2nd trimester! Ah those shoes are to die for!

  3. cecylia says:

    Oops forgot to mention the most important thing: I support you all the way about your own pregnancy line!

  4. First timer says:

    Do it!!!! I will buy UR maternity line!!

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