Sheer v Leather

May 17, 2013

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Huge apologies for my absence in the last couple of days, I was whisked up to Sydney where I stayed at the amazing QT Sydney, spent the day with the team from (yet to be revealed) and then attended an exclusive (and oh-so-fabulous) Boohoo dinner. I really missed my little man whilst on this trip, perhaps it’s because he chipped his front tooth or just because he is learning new things every day and I don’t like to miss a second! ¬†Either way, it’s been a really good week for me and right now, it feels like heaven lying on my couch in my ugg boots watching nothing in particular on TV and blogging away.

Just a little note on this look, it’s kind of tough with a feminine edge. The leather look quilted skirt and heavy black ankle boots is softened by this delicate and sheer top and sparkly jumper! Ha! Feminine with an edge, the perfect way to describe my style!¬†

Top: Market HQ, Skirt and Jumper: Mossman, Cuff: Hermes, Shoes: BOSS Orange

Photographer: Lisa Frieling

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5 Comments on “Sheer v Leather”

  1. Kirbybee says:

    I do love the way leather can take something soft and feminine and make it so much more. And if it’s quilted leather, even better!


  2. James Banham says:

    You’re such a babe, you babe! Nice skirt. I’ve been hunting around for a leather jacket with the same effect. Wish me luck!

  3. Estelle says:

    That skirt is incred! xx

  4. Joanne says:

    Been following u on insta for a while.. First time visiting your blog and LOVING IT! Especially love this look so so so hot!!! Xxx

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