Summer fashion: the shorts

October 24, 2013

summer fashion summer fashion summer fashion v summer fashion

Ahhhhh I  am back from  Noosa and no I am not glad to be home. The salty air, crystal blue ocean and not cooking a single meal reduced my nausea and I felt like a new woman! I cant tell you how amazing it felt for me to jump into that water and just be, floating around, occasionally getting whacked by a wave and quietly darting my eyes in search for jelly fish was all part of a daily routine that got my health back on track. Seeing my son run around the sand and building sand castles with his daddy just melted my heart over and over again, this quality time we take for granted back home. You know, I didn’t want to come back home, I was so upset at the idea of coming back to stinky old Melbourne and catching up on my emails, cooking dinner for a son who is just going to throw it on the ground and then having to clean the house? Yep, I’d rather stay in paradise thanks! Might I add, as soon as we got back in our car to drive home, I threw up… twice and since being back a day, I have gone back to sick pregnant chick on the couch! No fun, but  just in time, spring racing is only days away to make it all better!

Top: Mossman DFO, Shorts: Anna Quan, Shoes: Isabel Marant, Hat: ASOS

Photography: Lisa Frieling


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2 Comments on “Summer fashion: the shorts”

  1. pauline lim says:

    Those shorts are awesome! :)

  2. cecylia says:

    you look incredible! Love the juxtaposition of something so tough like leather with the feminine touches of floral xx

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