May 26, 2014

Cosy rainbow

Just checkin’ out ma bootie in the last shot! It’s pretty good to be out of my gym gear and back into some jeans, mind you as soon as I get home, I may or may not immediately slip into something a little more comfortable, aka my track pants. Speaking of home, I think it […]

October 29, 2013

Getting to First Base

Forgive me for my lack of posts, firstly, I really wanted you to not look over my amazing giveaway and second of all, ummm I am pregnant and sick! Well, touch wood, I havent been sick for two days which is fantastic, its thanks to coconut water, its the only liquid I can keep down! […]

October 24, 2013

Summer fashion: the shorts

Ahhhhh I  am back from  Noosa and no I am not glad to be home. The salty air, crystal blue ocean and not cooking a single meal reduced my nausea and I felt like a new woman! I cant tell you how amazing it felt for me to jump into that water and just be, […]

August 6, 2013


Yet another homie kind of look for me, sorry, I think it’s from growing up in the 90’s or something but I love the Fresh Prince look with an oversized tshirt. I always think that now that I am 30, I should start dressing my age but seriously, what is ‘dressing your age’ doesnt it […]

Trash n Treasure #chanelshoes
Personal shopping at @topshop #NYC is the ultimate 💸 @georgiedempsey job well done ✔️
Just got back from walking the streets of #NYC at night and I felt safer here at 10pm than I do in my own city. Strange that! 🌃#timessquare
Casual Monday's out and about ✌🏻️
One #magnoliacupcake is never enough 🍰🍰
Black shoes and denim ➰
Antipasto and kickin' the footy in the park with the crew @nat.duggan @the_beautybible @josh_demps82 @georgiedempsey
Easing into Sunday in @freepeople 📷 @heykarenwoo
Waking to this view daily isn't too bad. #NYC you win, I think I like you 🗽
Yesterday on the subway 🚇
🔝 #nycview
Today on our way to Ground Zero @georgiedempsey #NYC
What would Blair Waldorf do? #Ladurée 🌸#onmywaybackfromseeingMrSheffieldshouse #suchadag
Balmy #NYC summer nights 🗽
#Karlito 👊🏻 ✔️