If you have been following me for the eight years I have been blogging, you would know that the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is a big deal to me. Heck, I have a dedicated category tab for it on my blog to feature my coverage of the exclusive marquees I attend, to give you an insight into what everyone is wearing, the atmosphere and buzz of the carnival.

Well, being heavily pregnant (and being known to fall over when I wear heels whilst pregnant, a Stakes Day story from three years ago I prefer to forget that ended in big bandages on my knees whilst wearing a gorgeous Preen dress) I decided that this day would be my only race day for 2017. Now, this is a big deal for me to miss out on the Spring Carnival as it will be my first year off in fifteen or so years! Let’s just say I might have to switch off all social media during that time. Lucky for me, I did attend the Caulfield Guineas Day last week with Mercedes-Benz Toorak.

I am so honoured to be a ‘Friend of Mercedes-Benz Toorak’ as it was a real organic collaboration, as I already had a relationship with the dealership, as I drive a Mercedes GLE and living close to the dealership, I work out to be a natural and real life customer/friend of the brand, the perfect fit!

Mercedes-Benz Toorak hosted a marquee that Josh and I attended on Guineas Day and I am so glad I put the heels on to have one fabulous race day for 2017. I brought along my photographer for the day to inspire you, my reader on the fashion and fun for the day. Colour was HUGE and if you can take anything from this blog post, it has to be the style (and to buy your new Merc from Toorak to potentially get on their invite list to their amazing events!)

The ladies really stepped it up and as you can see, we all kind of coordinated with this season’s colour trends. Think mustard, green, blue, pinks, with gold details. The playful colours and accessories only required subtle millinery which I think really made all these ladies look perfectly put together.

Now, can we just take a moment to talk about Lee Matenga, the Principal at Mercedes-Benz Toorak’s outfit? A gorgeous red Dolce jacket that absolutely popped amongst the white and green, it was so good to see a man step out from the rest in the racing crowd. Yes, my husband looked quite dashing too!

I can’t wait to share with you more events for Mercedes-Benz Toorak that I attend over the coming year and to show you my hot new wheels when they arrive, no, not a cute little convertible, a big mama GLS with three child seats lined up in the back #mumlyf.

Thanks for a fab day @MBTOORAK!