Things you might not know about me

July 2013 I wrote this blog post in 2016 and I thought it would be a nice time to re-share it. I find that so many of you might have an idea of who you think I am and what I am like, but you most likely don't know at [...]

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McGrath Foundation x BP awareness

We all know someone who has been affected by breast cancer. You hear this all the time, don’t you? I do. But, I didn’t know anyone affected by breast cancer until five years ago.   Seven years ago, when I was a new mum for the first time with a [...]

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Noosa 2018

We just got home from our annual holiday to Noosa and this time we snuck in a few extra days, more than usual. Josh has to be at work and my MIL was already up there, so I decided that I didn’t want to miss out on some Noosa time, [...]

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Freddie’s Baptism

Planning a big party isn't my thing, my thing is more of a "come for lunch, I'll make a lasagne and some salads, Josh will be on the bbq and I will hire a jumping castle for the kids". For Aston and Will's baptisms, we went to an Italian restaurant [...]

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My secret to shopping with kids

Have you left home with a three-year-old? Have you never wanted to leave the home again with said three-year-old thanks to the last time you did so? Well, that has been me, ever since my son Will turned 1 year’s old three years ago. He has always been active, determined, [...]

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Christmas Day with my family

I wanted to share with you a typical Christmas day with my family. It truly is my favourite time of the year, as it is for most people I think. It isn’t because it is summer, because I don’t love summer that much (I am a winter baby) and it [...]

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Jess Dempsey Wedding

Go ahead and google my name, Jess Dempsey, see what google predicts you will write next. Usually three things pop up, 'Jess Dempsey husband' (because, well, obviously it seems people think you can't get anywhere these days without a famous, sportsman, rich or social scene partner? well I did this [...]

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Visit noosa, thank me later

I thought it would be a great idea to explain to you why I LOVE Noosa! Two of my closest friends, who are both married, and have children, and know me the best know that Noosa is my happy place, but it took some convincing to make them go from [...]

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