what to wear when you have a newborn

For those of you expecting your first baby, you would have heard the words ‘newborn bubble’ get thrown around. You might have an idea of what it might be, perhaps being in a complete smitten-with-your-baby-bliss bubble, only knowing what is going on inside your four walls and not about the [...]

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Maternity Races Dresses 2017

I know how hard it is working with this bump of yours, especially for an event. As I mentioned in my STYLING THE BUMP post from my workshop at Pacific Werribee, another option is to buy non-maternity but look for stretchy or loose dresses. Also another look I love is [...]

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Styling the bump workshop

Styling the bump for most women doesn’t come easy. In fact, it took me three pregnancies to get it right. So, to save you having to go through three pregnancies just to work it all out like I did, I teamed up with Pacific Werribee to put together a Style [...]

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Simple bump styling

I love this outfit, it is so simple yet chic and sticks to my rule of maternity dressing of three key items. For this look, the three key pieces are: knit, jean and cool shoes! You shouldn't have to overthink styling your bump, you have too much going on to [...]

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Event dresses for bump and no bump

I had a few requests for bump friendly event dresses for the wedding season coming up. So, I found a few goodies on the net for the lady with the bump and for the lady with no bump! Just because I am pregnant, doesn't mean all my followers are too! [...]

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Third Trimester

Here I am in my third trimester, my last trimester forever! (#nomorekids). Looking back on the last two trimesters, I don’t know how I survived it, oh, wait I know how, with a pocked full of ginger, a paper bag stash in my car (for spew emergencies) and being in [...]

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Legoe Mama

Something I keep saying with this pregnancy is "I wish these maternity brands were available with my last two pregnancies!". I could never seem to find pregnancy fashion that was casual-cool, timeless wardrobe essentials that could really fit into my usual style asthetetic.  LEGOE (HERE) would have to be the front runner [...]

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Outfit combinations for breastfeeding mums

I had a lovely follower ask me "What kind of outfits should I wear when feeding my baby, but still be able to look as stylish as you?" Awwww, too cute! Well, here are some simple, basic options that I will be wearing after my baby is born, give or [...]

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