So this is the beloved dressed I picked up in Dallas from a vintage store. It was not only an amazing find but a bargain compared to what anyone would pay for a new dress here in Australia. It is from the 90’s and I love love love the 90’s! I have a feeling that we will be seeing a lot more of that era very soon in the fashion scene yet again.

I am still counting down my days until NYC, although mid year work is picking up and my free days are getting less and less to pack. Whats with that? The best decision I have made this year was to get a babysitter for the littlest bub to give me a little extra time to get shit done, I can’t believe I was juggling life, work and kids all at once for so long- yikes!

For all those mums out there that have emailed me about keeping fit and losing weight after pregnancy, well, I have given in and will be letting you in on my post-baby weight loss story later this week. In the meantime, enjoy a little Chanel top to toe.