Straight up, this post is sponsored by Etsy. We’re all friends here, it’s good to be honest straight up, don’t you think?

I was asked by them to feature some of my favourite Australian Etsy stores. Well…to be quite honest, I had never shopped on Etsy before, it has always been quite daunting, all those pages to scroll through. I was a tiny bit hesitant to take on this collaboration but when I actually jumped on and actually narrowed down my search to only Australian stores (tip: you can do this in the left hand side bar when on Etsy and select location and then type Australia, you have to do this in each category search) things started to get, well, a little obsessive!!!

I found myself on the Etsy site for hours, with over 20 different tabs open of products I wanted to buy.

I am currently in the process of giving my home a face lift as I am sick of being so behind on the ‘home-spo’ trend and all my home items were pretty much wedding gifts which are almost 8 years old, I’m talking a hideous jarrah, latte and duck egg pallet and I am desperate for a little marble, concrete, gold and metallics in my pad!

Initially, the items I bought were going to be gifts for Christmas for my family members, but when I got styling them in my home for the images in this blog post, I kinda had a change of mind, they aint’ going anywhere!

So the verdict? I highly recommend you consider jumping onto the Etsy site if you are stuck for Christmas gifts for someone this year or just because you really need to de-2008 your home like me.

WHAT YOU WILL FIND? Unique, different, on-trend, affordable (!!!) things you can’t seem to find anywhere else.

Shipping was fast for all of them and most things like this mini concrete planter I bought (not featured as it is still being hand made for me) are customisable to suit your colour pallet.

Totally a new fan (and I am not just saying that because this is a sponsored post) #winning

 What I bought:

Set of 3 jungle animal jars // To Do List- Get shit done // Copper Kisses Jewellery Bowl // Set of 3 Unique Handmade Christmas Decorations // 

more cool options below xx