Apologies that I have been far and few between posts. My day’s here in NYC are so big that when I actually get a moment to think about work, I zonk out.

When we last spoke, I was only a few days into being in New York and had explained how sick I have been from the get go. I only have a few days left until I return back to Melbourne, so I have had a good amount of time for the city to win me over.

Before I left, I had no idea why everyone was raving on about NYC and how “it’s my favourite city” or “you will love it better than Paris” which was making me question if this big ol’ apple could live up to expectation and if it could, in fact, make me come home telling other people those words that others spoke of to me. The verdict? Well, it took a few good days for her to woo me.

It wasn’t until I came up for air that I started to love this city. What I mean by ‘came up for air’ is that I felt really lost, disorientated, overwhelmed and no sense of bearings just walking around the big city initially. I didn’t expect the city to be as big as it is and things that I imagined I would see or perceived the city to be like, were completely wrong and I had to let myself just embrace it and feel a little small amongst the giant new-meets-old buildings towering over me.

We went to the Top of The Rock (Rockefeller) on a clear and sunny day, we walked there as we do everywhere, kids exhausted after a huge morning and I was ready for a siesta. The moment we reached the top of that extremely fast elevator, walked out onto the roof top/view point and looked out from above and saw the green rectangle that is Central Park surrounded by the city, my bearings came back, visions of what I saw in my mind of the city immediately made sense and I felt in the moment. To the other side was a view down town of the Empire State and that concrete jungle you hear about. She had me.

Since that day, I get it. I get this city, I walk to the pace of a New Yorker, I feel the heat from the street and the subway and feel the cool crisp air that flows through the park whilst under a tree at Sheep’s Meadow. It is OK to eat pizza or pasta here daily as I will burn it off on my walk from the East to the West and the sound of taxi’s honking their horn is a mere down beat that accompanies my fast stride to the nearest department store.

I think I love this city.

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