I was pretty blessed with good skin, I didn’t start washing my make up off before bed until recently (insert blushing face emoji) and I never had a skin care regime. As my 34th year approaches, I thought it was time to do something to give myself the best opportunity at the aging process. You know when you start to notice those darn forehead wrinkles when you are all dolled up at the races and see the makeup creases on your head in those dodgy bathrooms you go to beautify yourself in? Or that one line between your brows from frowning all those years, when your mother warned you not to?

I started going to Dr Lanzer in Malvern to let the professionals teach me what I should be doing to care for my skin and to have some pampering treatments in between. This my friends, has been life changing. I went in knowing one thing- I don’t want to do botox or fillers or anything surgical to my face (Ever) but, I want to care for my skin and look as youthful and fresh as possible utilising other treatments. Is this possible? Yes, it is.

Being pregnant, I am limited on what treatments I can have and what products I can use (as it is advised not to use products with retin A in them) but the professionals at Dr Lanzer have suggested some great things for me to do at home, such as cleansing with their in-house luxury skin care line D’Lumiere Esthetique cleanser and then have treatments by their highly skilled therapists upstairs in the clinic (called Better Skin by Nat and Tara). I had monthly microdermabrasion’s and derma sweeps and my skin has been better than ever! Better than my 20’s I feel!

For those of you who are not pregnant, then the options are limitless, after a consultation with the Dr Lanzer team, they will assess your skin as your own individual (as no skin is the same) and guide you on what treatments they could do for you (this could be monthly, six or eight week or whatever you desire as they will set you up with home care also). The anti-ageing essentials are the dry skin AHA, vitamin c and vitamin A by D’Lumiere Esthetique and by incorporating these key items into your routine, you will see dramatic results, especially if it’s your first time with your very own little skin care set up each night in your bathroom, it’s kind of my fav part of the day!

I can’t recommend the Dr Lanzer team enough, I have a pleasant experience every time I visit, the staff are so lovely and really care about me and my skin concerns, you don’t get that personal approach that often in skin and cosmetic clinics.

I also suggest you don’t hesitate on caring for your skin and get yourself in for a consultation to have you on your way to better skin and a more confident you. I may never get the injectable, but I am confident that I am doing the best I can to age gracefully.

Dr Lanzer will be having a pop up kiosk in Chadstone for a week, starting June 5th! Located lower ground near Home Republic.

Dr Lanzer is offering a complimentary Derma sweep! See my Instagram post for details!!! Be in it to win it!