You all know I have been working with Marks and Spencer for many, many years now, and it is with good reason, because I love them. I love their affordability, I love their connection to their customers, I love their on trend fashions, their vast array of offering from women’s fashion through to baby clothes, their fast deliver and I love that you, my audience, trust me to show you their latest items.

I had so much fun taking over their insta-stories the other day, actually, I think I did a better job on their stories than I do from day to day on my own! I got to show the M&S followers (And a bunch of you who follow them) my favourite M&S spring finds. I showed everything from my pj’s, my ‘pick up the kids’, work look and then how to combine a few of those items to make for a great ‘going out look’.

What I am loving at the moment is the skirt trend, well, not even trend, I just like wearing skirts to mix up my day to day look from wearing denim all the time. M&S have a huge and stunning collection of pleated skirts that you will love as much as I do (I have several of them) have a snoop HERE.

If you are looking for great work wear- which is always on the list of things my readers ask me to find for them, then you will find some great blazers, blouses and shirts and of course trousers.

I made life a little simpler for you and you can find all my favourite Marks and Spencer spring pieces in my latest feature on their website HERE

xxx enjoy the shopping xxx