You might remember that I attended the Britax +SERIES launch not too long ago? Well, when I arrived home from Europe, the very next day- jet lag or not, I took myself to Baby Bunting to have Freddie’s new car seat fitted. I chose the Britax Millenia+ (I was intending to get the Millenia original but the plus product was released in time) because it goes from rear facing birth to 2-3 years but then all the way to 4 years (approx.) when forward facing!

I have had lots of questions about my car seat arrangement and because a car seat is one of, if not, the most important product that you will buy when you have children, I thought it was important to give you  some info on why I had all my children in a Britax seat from before one year’s old through to now.

I have three car seats in a row in my back seat and after spending time researching, the Millenia+ was the perfect choice for me!

Key features for the Britax Millenia+

  • There are three seats in the +SERIES range: Platinum PRO+, Millenia+ and MaxiGuard PRO+
  • I always look for side impact options in my car seats and the Millenia+ has dual layer side impact technology, which makes me feel better knowing that I am giving my child every opportunity for protection.
  • The seat is really comfy! And looks pretty snazzy in my back seat!
  • It has a hassle-free harness, which means the straps go up and down with the height adjusting, no more twisting of the straps and manually changing the height from behind, which I found an absolute nightmare in the past! Easier is safer- especially for those who don’t usually put the children in the car from day to day such as grandparents or babysitters.
  • It is ISO Fix compatible, which means it’s easier to install,
  • Super easy to adjust the head rest/ strap height with a simple lift
  • I actually love the side little buckle holders which helps you when getting your wriggly worm into the car and not having to find the straps under them.

Britax Safe n Sound are the leaders in lifesaving technology, which made it so easy for me when I was a first time mum to select my follow on seat from my capsule.

Three in the back

Now, the information most of you have asked for, my car set up. I have the Britax Safe n Sound Millenia+ then the Britax Safe n Sound Maxi Rider and then a booster seat. I have Freddie in the Millenia+ facing rear and the older two boys facing forward. Freddie is at the curb side, Will is in the middle and Aston on the other door side. We actually have a system down pat for school pick up, when I drive into the school, Aston opens the door and crawls under Freddie’s chair and pops up into his. When Freddie faces forward, Aston won’t have to crawl anymore. This way, he enters the car from the curb side and not on the road side for safety, in fact, all my boys enter and exit from curb side for this reason.

Britax actually have a lot of information on three across the back seat, on their website! (I’ve added in a hyperlink). It’s actually a very resourceful website if you have any questions or if you would like to do more research or see the full Britax Safe n Sound +SERIES click HERE


*available from Baby Bunting