Here is a simple Fried Rice Recipe that the whole family should enjoy, that you can have as a side, a main or left overs for lunch! I like to make it and take to people’s houses when you are told to bring a plate.


x4 Spring Onion stems (diced)
X1 Small onion (diced)
Frozen peas (around one cup)
Frozen corn (around one cup)
X2 carrots grated and sliced or diced
1/2 red capsicum diced (optional)
Handful of green beans chopped (optional)
Oil for frying
Bacon rashers (5 slices or less or more)
1 cup of rice
X2 eggs
Salt and Pepper


Cook your rice. I do this by putting the cup of rice in a microwavable bowl, boil some water and pour in 2 cups of the boiling water over the rice and microwave for around 6-9 minutes.

I like to grate, chop/dice all my ingredients first and put them all into one big bowl.

Then dice the onion and bacon and fry in a pan in some oil. Cook until onion is see through (cooked) and bacon is to your liking.

Crack the two eggs and whisk in a seperate bowl like you would for an omelet, then in a seperate pan with a little oil, cook the egg like an omelet. Flip the egg over until cooked and then put on a chopping board and chop it up into pieces and set aside.

Combine the bowl of diced up vegetables/peas/corn into the pan with the bacon and onion and mix to combine and cook a little. When you think the peas have defrosted and the carrot has softened, pour in the rice into this pan and also the egg.

Chop up the spring onion and add this too.

My husband doesn’t like soy sauce, at this stage you can add some in and season with salt and pepper. What I do is I drizzle a little bit of extra virgin olive oil and season with salt and pepper.