Tic-toc-tic goes the clock as I count down my vacay to NYC! This trip is going to be ground breaking for my family for many reasons. First, because my husband has a fear of flying, second, because we are taking both the kids to Disneyland and third because our best friends will be in NYC all at the same time.

I have a plan to blog about my trip as I go and not schedule any posts to pop up in my absence, but I am not are how reliable I will be, maybe I will be having way to much fun to blog? Maybe when I want to blog, I need to be super quiet in the hotel room as the kids sleep? Who bloody knows, all I do know is that I will try hard and also keep you up to date on INSTAGRAM and SNAPCHAT.

Snapchat, how annoying is that? Just one more thing I need to keep updated! When I am away or at an event, its super easy but finding day to day things to snap chat is super hard! I will do my best xox