Ok so I, like most of you, were quite skeptical when Chanel announced clogs are back! and I have learnt my lesson once before ‘never doubt the genius that is Karl Lagerfeld.’ I really pondered about stomping around in clogs again 15 years since I sported my first pair in the 90’s when my mum used to dress me, but now Karl dresses me. My old saying ‘what Karl Say’s goes’ has come to play. So I wasn’t going to go to the extreme and get clogs that looked like clogs so I have done some research and found the perfect Clog! Hear me out, and wait till you scroll down and see them I think you will be converted too. They are clogs, but not too cloggy, they are a wearable colour, they are comfy and have a sling back to disguise the cloggyness, and… I LOVE THEM!!! My advise to you, the hesitant future clog owner is to take the leap now- embrace the clog now as they are in season/trend and stay abreast with fashion before it becomes common in 6 months time!


thank you style.com