Some things in life are bigger than the numbers on our instagram, the likes we get, bigger than this screen you are looking at and bigger than the blog or instagram account you might own. Real life is away from all that, away from this blog and is why I know it is important, as some-what of a public figure or whatever it is that I am (K-grade celebrity?) to make sure I do my bit and bring the realness into my blog. I am a very proud ambassador for the Very Special Kids, a charity that has an amazing property in Armadale, Victoria with a hospice on it that cares for children with life threading conditions, and accommodation for their families.

When I was asked to be the ambassador to help promote their VSK FASHION SALE that is held twice a year at Malvern Town Hall with all profits going directly to the VSK to help run the hospice that costs over 7 million per year to operate, I knew it was my duty as a blogger, a mother, as a human to use my platform to do so.

I have met some of the mothers of the children (I am talking, babies, young children and teenagers) and have heard their stories about their beautiful children and how the VSK take care of them, support them and support the siblings of these children who need 24 hour care. Their special little people that fill their hearts and bring them so much joy, just like your child does for you. I think about the things I worry about when my children are sick and how I feel when it happens and then after speaking to these brave, strong and loving mothers, my heart melts and I want to do anything I can to contribute to giving their children the best opportunities and quality of life they deserve.

So this is where you come in, if you are around on Saturday 18th June between 9am-3pm come to the Malvern Town Hall and shop up a storm! Brands, including high end brands, favourite Aussie brands and retailers that have donated new clothing to the sale (I am wearing some of the clothing here) prices are so cheap, I am talking no more than $100! One year I picked up an Anna Sui dress, Ginger and Smart shorts and here I am wearing one of the designers I saw at fashion week!

I will be there, please come and say hi to me, show me what you bought, don’t be shy, I’m the shy one!

For more information, visit VSK website: HERE