I discovered Yamila Guedezwhen sourcing jewellery pieces for a Toni and Guy shoot I did earlier this year. Yamila set up store in the Kings Arcade in Armadale Melbourne and I stumbled across it by accident. There is no way you can walk passed her cute and unique little store without being loured in and trying on all her pieces- you will not see anything like them anywhere else. Each piece is handmade with fabrics from Venezuela and each fashion forward and on trend designs are one off pieces. I purchase two because I could not decide what one I liked better and the fact that they are one offs..and are reasonably priced between $100-300 dollars or there abouts! I’m sold!

Her neck wear replaces the scarf, they create a stand out outfit, wear a plain black dress and throw on a Yamila design for a pop of colour! she makes everything from neck wear, to rings, to arm wear to bags and hats.. see some of my favourite pieces below!