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Where to start? Like I have said before, this is the time we would start to think about having another baby, and it hasn’t really sunk in yet that perhaps there wont be another baby. I really need to deal with this! I really need to speak to someone about accepting the fact I wont be trying again, waiting to see if my period comes again, taking twelve pregnancy tests again just to see that + show up for the hundredth time because it is only a couple times in your life you actually get to see that. To feel the first flutter, to feel the first big kick and heel pushing back at me as I push it back in to see if it reacts back. To vomit for 27 weeks straight but to forget it all even happened when I feel so much better. To think of another name, to wonder pray that it will be healthy and to hope this one looks like it’s father this time. Would it be a girl? Would it be a boy? To go to the hospital and shake with nerves before my caesarean. To worry as they start the surgery if my baby is going to be okay and if I will survive. To meet my baby for the first time, to hear its first breath, to stare at its face in disbelief that it is mine, to hold it and know that it loves me and needs me so much, to love it back. To see my husband get emotional and be so proud of me, of us. And to have that alone time in the hospital just me and the baby, staring at it endlessly and feeding it and feeling all sorts of strange things as my body gets used to being a fresh new mother again.

Yeah… I really need to speak to someone.

Meanwhile, Freddie! My darling boy, gosh I love this kid. He is such a character now, he copies everything, EVERYTHING his big brothers do, even if it means squealing, making silly noises or doing a bum bum dance. He loves them so much. He gives them a kiss before bed each night and can say their names “Wiwl and Aya”.

His language could be a lot better, sometimes he just screams at me when he wants something instead of trying to say the word “water” or “up” and actually, his screaming is really annoying atm. In Noosa, he was that annoying child that screamed. But, he is so darn cute and when he doesn’t scream, he is a dead set legend.

He says all sorts of cute things like “mmmmm at’s aliscious!” (that’s delicious) and “where daddy go?”.

He still has a big nap in the day for about 2.5 hours and usually sleeps through the night but he still has off nights and I just put him in bed with me (because we are at the in-laws, I don’t want to sleep train him and wake everyone up) but because he was sleep trained, he usually gets back into routine. He actually sleeps so much better in a port-a-cot like in Noosa. It could also be that he was outside all the time when we were away and the salt air too that got him to sleep well.

He is wearing size 2, he is still super tall.

His curly hair is super cute but he def needs a hair cut now, the poor boys looks like a shaggy dog with hair in his eyes.

He is a little off his food at the moment, not eating alot at all. He hardly has breakfast and might nibble on lunch but has been off his dinner lately. If he was hungry he would eat but for some reason he is being fussy. My sis in law said her son who is a tad older went through this also not too long ago and now we are! I tried him on some grass-fed toddler milk because he wont have his milk at night anymore and of course with him not eating much these days, I thought it would do him some good getting some pre-biotics in him etc and he actually drank it. I have never used a toddler milk before for any of my kids but I thought I would try it on him. I played around with making smoothies with it in it and we made on that he loved that he has for breakfast as it has the oats added in it (I will post the recipe this week for you) and we also put the toddler milk in pancakes and he ate them too. Other than that, I have been giving him small snacks all day to fill him up with.

Freddie still loves playing with balls and is really good at it! He still does soccer and because he love music, he has started mini maestro’s. He loved his first class so I am excited to see him at the next one!

Any questions please feel free to message me on IG! for now, I think that is it until next time when he is 2yo! ahh!!

Freddie’s routine:

wake (if it’s before 6:30 I put on Bananas in Pyjamas in my bed for him)