Wow! We are two years in with little Frederico (not his real name) and I have to say, this little fellow has me wrapped around his teeny tiny fingers (have I said that before? Probably). I mean, I am pretty sure two is my favourite age and has always been since becoming a mum but it is also the time when you start to think about the next baby (as I mentioned in a previous post – HERE) this is something that I essentially have to move on from and just absorb every moment of joy this boy brings me without being distracted (for the first time) on making another baby (sorry Josh! Wink).

Freddie is ticking all the boxes right now and before I start typing further, let me find some wood to touch before I go ahead and jinx myself. He sleeps through the night, has a huge day nap, is talking so much, playing nicely with his brothers, is rarely sick if ever and apart from a few moments a day when I have to explain to him we have ran out of yoghurt (he smashes like, five pouches a day) and he drops to the floor in the ‘child’s pose’ screaming and crying hysterically, he hasn’t reached the terrible twos!

You know, Aston my eldest didn’t have terrible two’s but he did get very jealous of his younger brother being born. Will, my second had terrible two’s from his first birthday until… five and a half, oh wait, that’s now, well he is two and three quarters now and coming good as he enters prep. I totally believe terrible two’s is a communication barrier between child and parent and the child gets so frustrated that they explode. Freddie is pretty easy for me to understand, even if he does pronounce some words way off, I still understand what he wants. Bottom line? Every kid is different and every kid develops in their own way.

I have been encouraging ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ with Freddie. As they are sponges at this age, it is easy to quickly teach them things and they pick it up in a flash. Freddie says please after every word now which is wonderful and only took a week to establish. He tries to sing the alphabet and also count, something I do at each nappy change now so I remember. You see, my middle child Will didn’t get all of this, I was so busy adjusting to the ‘mum of multiple children juggle’ that I forgot to do all this. You could say that I am making up for anything I left out with middle child.

It is also hard to control what that little two year old sponge hears. He has now been saying ‘doo doo’ (doodle) and ‘bum bum’ all day long and looks at his brothers for a reaction. He also runs around saying ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Spiderman’ which usually wouldn’t be of interest for a few more years at least, but having big brothers does introduce you to things faster. For now, it’s cute, but I am ready to cap things if I have to, such as Freddie has a bath alone now, watches his own tv shows (bananas in pyjamas and the Wiggles) and has his own routine.

Freddie is still pretty good with his foods, I truly believe that getting him to try most foods when he was tiny, has helped with this. 

Freddie enjoys:

Breakfast options- scrambled eggs, avo on toast, weet bix, fruit

Snack options- cheese cut up, hommus and savoys, sweet biscuit, banana bread, sushi, mango, berries, smoothie.

Lunch options- left over dinner, sushi, savory roll, peanut butter sandwich, avo sandwich, fried rice, eggs, zucchini slice.

Dinner options: meatballs, pasta, sausages and veg, mash potato, chow mien, chicken schnitzel, beef and veg, lamb chops and veg, burritos, pizza, soup.


Freddie had his two year old health nurse appointment and did very well, they check to see if they can build things, play make believe, make eye contact, can hear and listen when called and measure them. He is still a tall boy and all round healthy.

Freddie likes to play alone and does so quite well without needing me. He builds duplo, loves any animal toys, plays outside a lot on the ride on cars, water station and sport equipment. 

Oh, I almost forgot! We are losing our nanny (I stupidly, but of course always want the best for everyone to get an opportunity when they deserve it- got her an interview with a company and they loved her!) which means I had to put him into child care. I didn’t want him to do childcare, it wasn’t in my plan if I could avoid it, mainly for selfish reasons, him being my last child and I wanted him around even if I had to work. However, it is what it is and I am grateful he had the two years at home with me, so essentially, it is me who is going to struggle more than he will. His orientation was great, he didn’t cling to me, he explored and played which is a great sign. I didn’t leave him alone so we will how we go when that happens- aka see how long I will cry for.

As for me? I have been very good lately, no anxiety for several months now, still not exercising like I should be so I think once the boys are in school, I will book into Pilates again. I actually have so much going on with school holidays and having the boys 24/7 it’s hard to do anything and of course take any jobs on. I have also been trying to give the bushfires as much air time on my Instagram as possible as in all honesty, that is number one right now, it’s bigger than me and if I can be used as a vessel for good, than all else can wait.

We are in for a long and hot few month ahead and supporting the charities is on my agenda for the coming months. I have a few things in plan to help, behind the scenes as what we do for others, doesn’t have to be shown to the world to make it count, just as long as you are doing it. I of course also have to pay the bills, so I will be sharing both work, life and fundraising going forward.

If you have any questions about Freddie or anything please feel free to DM me, I always reply! I also ran into a few of you the other day at the Polo, and I am so glad you said hello and asked me to update Freddie’s weeks! Haha! I also had amazing feedback about my IGTV series, don’t forget to get on there and comment and like it, it makes such a difference to me and so the brands know that you are actually enjoying it, which means more opportunities for me! 


7-8AM- wake

Yoghurt, play

Breakfast (he won’t eat immediately after he wakes)

Around 5 hours after he wakes or usually 12-12:30 he naps

4pm or so- wake





6pm/6:30 bath

Quiet play


8:30 bed