It has been two months since I updated Freddie’s diary. Back in the early days, I had a lot to write about week to week when he was tiny and he chanced so much so fast. These days it is usually one or two changes and that is it.

In the last two months, I have packed up an entire home and moved out and moved in to my in-laws house, been on school holidays and settled everyone in to the new change. Not writing on my blog for this long has never happened before, but I actually got not fit a single second of my day or night to this. I was highly stressed and anxious in that first month and couldn’t function within myself, let alone carry on doing what needed to be done.

During that time, Freddie turned 19months and now 20 months and we are loving him sick. He may be tantruming a-lot more now and tends to flop himself on the floor at any time, sometimes on the road or a footpath, especially if he spots a balloon he can’t have. I either have to have a bag with a balloon in it, a lollypop or treat or just grab him and carry him kicking and screaming.

Apart from the tantrums, he is communicating a lot better with some new words, better understanding of what directions we give him and letting him be a little more independent like retrieving things that he wants or walking himself to the bath.

We decided to change him from All Sports and start Soccer Time as I found he needed to further develop the skills he has rather than just play games with the sport equipment. We had his first lesson today and he loved it! I don’t really do any activities with him other than that- we start swimming for our boys at 3yo.

We also got to meet the WIGGLES at their concert. Freddie is absolutely obsessed with them! He went nuts at the concert and I am so glad that we went, he did get shy when he met them but I think he had no clue what was going on!! Can’t wait for the next one!

Freddie still has his one day nap, he can sleep three hours and sometimes I like to wake him as I find he doesn’t really sleep through when he has long day naps. Actually, since moving into this house, he has slept so well and I have to say it is the hydronic heater in his room giving consistent temperature.

You also might remember that I mentioned on IG that he woke up one morning and couldn’t walk on one foot? Well I didn’t realise how common it was until I had so many messages on IG come in. It seriously lasted 10 hours and he was back walking again. Apparently it happens after a virus- and although I doubt he had a virus, he did have yucky poo in the lead up to it.

I have been buying Freddie size 2 clothing now as he is getting so big so fast! There are so many cute pieces out there for boys! We also had to get him new runners as I swear his foot grew two sizes in a blink of an eye!

Freddie’s favourite food is:
Mash Potato
Fried Rice (HERE)
Lamb Chops
Zucchini Slice (HERE)
Scrambled Egg

Any questions please feel free to ask me but thats about it for his update. I will do a blog post on clothing options for little boys shortly xx


Sleep (around 11:30)