Hi everyone, wait, hang on, the tennis is so distracting (Go Hewitt!) I need to turn it (Yessss!!)  off. There.

So I was sitting here with stacks of paper around me, notes from meetings, a forecast of my month ahead, texting a pregnant friend who asked me the usual “So how you going on the baby #3 front?” situation and I am all like “guuurrrl, this year is about me and work… and getting myself through Will’s terrible two’s” (which is basically terrible two’s times a million) wait- where was I? Yeah, so sitting here with no clue what to write about even though I am so work focused right now, I am having readers block. It could be the tennis distracting me and the fact I am working on the couch and not in my office, so I just came up with a great idea. How about I share with you things you don’t know about me?

Those that are new to WWKD probably don’t understand the relevance of Karl and me, which I completely understand because when I first started this blog 6 years ago, I would dress super edgy and Karl-like but now I am more tame, just normal but styled up a bit more. I am actually considering a blog/IG name change just FYI.

Enough blah, here are 25 things you didn’t know about me, well, I hope you didn’t know, chicks these days are excellent stalkers on social media! (me included #watchout)

  1. My maiden name is Carmellotti (Jessica Ann Carmellotti)
  2. My close family and friends call me Jessie
  3. I don’t drink alcohol, if I do it is just one or two, I don’t need to drink to have fun and I prefer to drive myself home.
  4. I had an eyebrow ring in my left eyebrow.
  5. I grew up in the Western suburbs and moved to the East when I was married.
  6. I lived at home until I was married.
  7. I was engaged at 24, married at 25 and had Aston at 28, Will at 30
  8. My favourite foods are: Furry Friends, Guillian Seashells, gnocchi, prosciutto and sponge cake.
  9. I went through a heavy metal stage when I was younger and was obsessed with Korn, Slipknot, Crazy Town and met them all (stalked them during big day out) and I went to a party with Crazy Town while they were in Melbourne and I became friends with DJ AM and when he was engaged to Nicole Richie, I emailed him magazine clippings of them together so he could see the press he was getting in Aus and he couldn’t believe it. I still listen to Linkin Park, Hooberstank and a few others in my car on long drives.
  10. I am a Cancerian and love to be at home, I am sentimental and prefer to travel to the same places I have already been to (Dubai, Paris, Malta, Milan, Rome, Singapore, London, NYC, LA and as you know Noosa)
  11. I am scared of jelly fish, spiders, dying, some heights and horses)
  12. I have been to Malta three times to see my mum’s relatives.
  13. I go for the Western Bulldogs, Josh’s dad was a champion of the game, however I was a supporter before we met.
  14. I own three Chanel jackets and hardly wear them, I may or may not be saving them for my future daughter.
  15. I suffered post natal anxiety after both children, it was hell but I am super now.
  16. I did acting for a while, one short film- don’t look it up please.
  17. My working life before blogging: Graduated Visual Merchandising, worked at Jay Jays because I couldn’t land a fashion job in VM with no experience, then worked as a screws and nails merchandisers in Bunnings, landed a job at Hugo Boss, worked for a supermarket in their promotions department, started celebrity styling for the Logies (3 years and 3 years of best dressed girls in the newspapers, New Idea and TV) also styled a few editorials and runways, was a journalist for The Weekly Review, started my blog xo
  18. I am a good drawer and had my art exhibitioned after high school.
  19. I am an over protective parent, I still cut Aston’s grapes, don’t like leaving them with others and check on them while they sleep.
  20. You won’t catch me sun baking, one time in Singapore, I was so severely burnt all over, I couldn’t walk or wear clothes, my legs turned blue and it was just hell. Never. Again.
  21. I am pretty funny- ask my husband.
  22. I prefer to go to the corner of a room at the event than to mingle, I might come across rude or boring, I am actually just shy and sometimes not to sure what to say- I think I should start drinking?
  23. I am super friendly, approachable (say hi if you see me!) and understanding, I like to be generous to my friends and loved ones and don’t expect much back, just niceness and not bitchyness, I don’t do bitchyness unless I really have to and then its game-on (joking-not-joking-ok-joking).
  24. I didn’t speak to my step dad for many many years (teenager years- duh!)  and now, he is the funniest person I know (apart from me) and I realise how much he and my mum have done for me and my younger brother (Matt, 18m younger) to make me who I am today.
  25. My brother and I coincidently had our first born boys a week apart and our second born boys three weeks apart!
  26. Ok, it is over 25….but I can’t leave without saying how much I love my husband and my children, they come first in everything I do, if an event doesn’t fit in with my home time or kids needs, I don’t go. If I can’t get a babysitter, I won’t take on a job, I know too well through going through anxiety, childbirth and the absolute happy times, that nothing else is worth it.
  27. One more for the road… husband is gonna kill me!!! I call him Pooks and he calls me Bonnie (Jessie-Bon-Bessie which got shortened to Bonnie) cringe! OMG where is that monkey closing eyes emoji!!! stat!!!!

How was that? PS- before I go and check on my kids asleep 😉 if you have anything you want me to blog about, questions, styles, clothes, life, motherhood, lifestyle, whatever it is- just email me: jess@whatwouldkarldo.com xox