July 2013

I wrote this blog post in 2016 and I thought it would be a nice time to re-share it. I find that so many of you might have an idea of who you think I am and what I am like, but you most likely don’t know at all. The biggest thing for me, is that you need to separate me from all you know about influencers, because I consider myself a ‘blogger’, not ‘influencer’, because I started my blog long before the word ‘influencer’ and ‘instagram’ were created. I am mum first, and all else second and I don’t consider myself ‘famous or any sort of ‘grade’ just because I have a following on instagram and have been in this industry for almost ten years, I just see me as me.

Those that are new to WWKD probably don’t understand the relevance of Karl and me, which I completely understand because when I first started this blog 9 years ago, I would dress super edgy and Karl-like (gloves, sequins, over the top costume like clothing) but now I am more tame, just a fashion-mum. I am was actually considering a blog name change but this is where I stared and a lot of the world (Especially international, know me as WWKD).

Enough blah, here are 25 things you didn’t know about me, well, I hope you didn’t know, chicks these days are excellent stalkers on social media! (me included #watchout)

  1. My maiden name is Carmellotti (Jessica Ann Carmellotti)
  2. My close family and friends call me Jessie
  3. I don’t drink alcohol, if I do it is just one or two, I don’t need to drink to have fun and I prefer to drive myself home.
  4. I had an eyebrow ring in my left eyebrow.
  5. I grew up in the Western suburbs and moved to the East when I was married.
  6. I lived at home until I was married.
  7. I was engaged at 24, married at 25 and had Aston at 28, Will at 30
  8. My favourite foods are: Furry Friends, figs, anything Greek and Lebanese, gnocchi, prosciutto and sponge cake.
  9. I went through a heavy metal stage when I was younger and was obsessed with Korn, Slipknot, Crazy Town and met them all (stalked them during big day out) and I went to a party with Crazy Town while they were in Melbourne and I became friends with DJ AM and when he was engaged to Nicole Richie, I emailed him magazine clippings of them together so he could see the press he was getting in Aus and he couldn’t believe it. I still listen to Linkin Park, Hooberstank and a few others in my car on long drives.
  10. I am a Cancerian and love to be at home, I am sentimental and prefer to travel to the same places I have already been to but mostly Noosa.
  11. I am scared of jelly fish, spiders, dying, some heights and horses
  12. I have been to Malta three times to see my mum’s relatives.
  13. I go for the Western Bulldogs, Josh’s dad was a champion of the game, however I was a supporter before we met.
  14. I own four Chanel jackets and hardly wear them, but I do wear one annually on my birthday. I really need a daughter to give them to dont I?
  15. I suffered post natal anxiety after all three children, it has been and up and down battle of getting on top of it, I find exercise does wonders for the mind. I also worry too much about what people think…
  16. I did acting for a while, one short film- don’t look it up please.
  17. My working life before blogging: Graduated Visual Merchandising, worked as a casual at Jay Jays because I couldn’t land a fashion job in VM with no experience, then worked as a screws and nails merchandiser in Bunnings, landed a VM job at Hugo Boss, worked for a supermarket in their promotions department, started celebrity styling for the Logies (3 years and 3 years of best dressed girls in the newspapers, New Idea and TV) also styled a few editorials and runways, was a journalist for The Weekly Review, started my blog xo
  18. I am a good drawer and had my art exhibitioned after high school.
  19. I am an over protective parent, I still cut Aston’s grapes, don’t like leaving them with others and check on them while they sleep.
  20. You won’t catch me sun baking, one time in Singapore, I was so severely burnt all over, I couldn’t walk or wear clothes, my legs turned blue and it was just hell. Never. Again.
  21. I am pretty funny- ask my husband.
  22. I prefer to go to the corner of a room at an event than to mingle, I am actually just a bit shy in new situations and sometimes not to sure what to say- I think I should start drinking?
  23. But, I am super friendly, approachable (say hi if you see me!) and understanding, I like to be generous to my friends and loved ones and don’t expect much back, just niceness and not bitchyness, I don’t do bitchyness.
  24. My brother (Matthew 18m younger) and I coincidently had our first born boys a week apart and our second born boys three weeks apart!
  25. I love my husband and my children, they come first in everything I do, if an event doesn’t fit in with my home time or kids needs, I don’t go. If I can’t get a babysitter, I won’t take on a job, I know too well through going through anxiety, childbirth and the absolute happy times, that nothing else is worth it.
  26. One more for the road… husband is gonna kill me!!! Josh calls me Bonnie (Jessie-Bon-Bessie which got shortened to Bonnie) cringe! OMG where is that monkey closing eyes emoji!!! stat!!!!