I am keeping this post short and sweet. A little recap of me week: I judged the Fashion Stakes at the Blue Diamond Race Day in Melbourne, that was so much fun, in fact, this outfit is very summer/autumn race appropriate! I saw these two pieces (Skirt and top) at Sheike in Chadstone and purchased them immediately. As a blogger, I get given a lot of clothing but sometimes, nothing beats the feeling of actually going into a store and falling in love with some key pieces to make up a variation of different ‘event’ or special occasion outfits.

This week, the school mum game was ramped up, boy, I am really feeling the pressure! There is so much to remember, to attend and to take in, for the sake of your new school kid. I am quietly hoping things will settle down and the rhythm of school life seamlessly flows into our family routine.

Josh had man flu on the weekend, ok, I lie, he legit had tummy craps, but having a husband sick in bed is no fun for the household. When I was sick the week before, I just had to get on with life!

And lastly, I am currently planning my next big editorial shoot, which I am so excited for… wait til you see the location! Eeeeew!

OK, that will do from me, stay tuned next week, when I talk about some mummy personal stuff, like what it is like to be a mum of boys and also a re-cap as to why Noosa is my favourite place in the world!