I thought it would be a great idea to talk about ‘WHAT TO WEAR TO VAMFF’.

It is the number one question I have been asked this week, so I thought I would share with you some ideas and a basic guideline on what to wear, how to get papped by the street style photographers and how to still feel comfortable in yourself even though perhaps you might feel out of your comfort zone amongst the circus. As you can see from the above, over the last 7 years of doing this, I have gone from ‘PEACOCK’ to more toned down looks. This is because my brand has evolved, from my beginnings of OVER THE TOP dressing (pre kids) to more of a cool and subtle FASHION STATEMENT look (post kids).


The best tips to take into consideration are as follows:
Is it ‘day time’ worthy? remember most events are during daylight.
It is not a night club, it is fashion week.
You are the own dictator of your personal style.
Do not wear something un comfortable, you are better off looking underdressed and chic than over dressed and self conscious.
Denim is a good option.
Ball gowns are not so much cool (trust me, I see it every year!)
You do not have to wear the latest designer piece, if you look happy, have a cool statement piece (no matter the price tag) you will still be snapped if you are nicely put together.
A pop colour or design of a shoe with a dress or pants is very street style worthy.
You can wear flats, in fact, the cool kids wear flats every now and then.

Step 1:

What kind of look are you going for?
A– a sleek monochrome look to kind of just look ‘fashun’ but blend in. (go to step 2)
B–  you kind of wanna stand out a little bit (go to step 3)
C– you want to stand out a lot! (go to step 4)

Step 2: If you want a- sleek-just-look-fashion-week-appropriate-look.
Think about one statement item. Is it a shoe that is in a bold colour? maybe a Logo Tee? perhaps some statement earrings or your designer hand bag? Now, you have your statement piece, work it back with a black and white outfit, perhaps some great black jeans or wide leg pants (in black or white), your top could be as simple as a shirt or the statement t-shirt we spoke about. Another option for you is to wear blue denim with a shirt or tee, with a great pair of statement shoes, throw on a blazer over your shoulders and you are good to go girl!

Step 3: if you kind of want to stand out a little bit but not over the top stand out!
Think about two statement items. Is it a pop of pink shoe with  GUCCI headband? or a Tommy Hilfiger tee with striped wide leg pants? Or perhaps an embellished denim jacket with some Sophia Webster statement heels? It is all about pushing the fashion boundaries slightly but not too much. Think bold colours but toned back with denim or a simple t-shirt. Look at my sequin gold dress in the image above, it is pretty out there, but with some simple black boots and  a black bag, minimal hair and make up, I made it ‘day time’ wearable.

Step 4: If you really want to peacock and trust me, I had my peacock days way back when, I get it! then think about bold colours, clash prints, clash colours, play around with your pieces in new and unique ways. I remember at Paris Fashion Week, I saw a girl wear a mans shirt backwards, it wasnt over the top in your face dressing, but it was pretty cool. Think sequins, think 3 to four statement pieces or one epic piece. Try socks with heels, think layering also. Google Anna Dello Russo, Susie Bubble or Bryan Boy.


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