Some days you stress so much about how you can go from you day look to looking night time ready. After a day at work, you may not have a lot of time to race home and get ready, not to mention beautify yourself. If you can relate to this, then this next tool from the ghd curve® range, is going to be your new BFF!

Her name? The ghd curve® soft curl tong. Taking bigger sections of hair to achieve this natural curl/wave look means you will spend less time in the bathroom and more time on the dance floor.

Here are the facts about this product:

The ghd curve® soft curl tong has a 32mm large barrel with spring activated lever.

The ghd curve® utilises patented tri-zone® technology with six quick-thinking sensors in the barrel that rapidly heats the tool to 185°C which is the optimum styling heat.

Automatic sleep mode after 30mins for safety

The tri-zone® technology ensures no heat loss during the styling which will deliver you long-lasting, healthier looking curls that actually last!

The ghd curve® soft curl tong is great for short hair like mine to achieve an effortless yet chic day or night look. For long hair, this is the perfect tool to show off your volumised and sexy locks for a fun night out (see more examples here)


– If you have long hair, this tool will give you long lush soft curls.
– For finer hair needs approx. 5 seconds on the barrel to set, courser hair up to 8 seconds.
– For longer hair, start the curl below ear level to avoid that big over-done look, this way you have a softer, effortless look.
– Play around with the fringe, you might like it swooped off your face, slightly straightened to thin your face or pulled back with pins.
– Pop into a ghd salon and ask a stylist to try the ghd curve® tools on your hair to see which one best suits you.
– ghd heat protect spray is soft and won’t stiffen your hair, feel comfortable to spray each section knowing it enhances the final outcome.
– If you are right handed, it is easier to use your left hand to hold the tool and your right hand to wrap the hair around the barrel

All ghd curve® tools retail at $230 and are available from ghd approved salons, Mecca Maxima stores and For stockists info call 1300 443 424

Tomorrow night, we will be talking all things beachy waves!