We are all super busy, whether you are a mum or not, we are all super busy from day to day. There have been many occasions when I just couldn’t get to a hair stylist to get me looking perfect for that certain occasion and now, my hair stress is less!

I was asked by ghd to try out their ghd curve® range, to create four unique looks using all four tools and work them back with appropriate looks. I don’t always have access to a hair stylist to help me, so I went to UVA Salon to have a quick demonstration, took down notes and prepared myself for my photo shoot day, tools, sprays and combs in hand.

The ghd curve® tools are so easy to use, super fast time styling and is smooth on my hair. I was pretty proud of how each look turned out, starting with this one, using the ghd curve® classic curl tong.  Can you believe I did this all by myself? This is a game changer for my beauty routine and I am one stoked mama!

Here are the facts about this product:

– Has a 26mm medium barrel with spring activated lever.
– The ghd curve® utilises patented tri-zone® technology with six quick-thinking sensors in the barrel that heats the tool to 185°C which is the optimum styling heat.
– The tri-zone® technology ensures no heat loss during the styling which will deliver you long-lasting, healthier looking curls that actually last!
-Quick set time- finer hair needs approx. 5 seconds on the barrel to set, courser hair up to 8 seconds.

The ghd curve® classic curl tong is great for short hair like mine to achieve a Hollywood glam look, great for the Spring Racing Carnival, night out or a daytime soiree. For long hair, his tool will give you that ‘classic curl’ that will cascade beyond your shoulders in waves (see example here)

Don’t be scared to brush out the curls in the end, it is the best part of the process!

Pop into a ghd salon and ask a stylist to try the ghd curve® tools on your hair to see which one best suits you.

ghd heat protect spray is soft and wont stiffen your hair, feel comfortable to spray each section knowing it enhances the final outcome.

If you are right handed, it is easier to use your left hand to hold the tool and your right hand to wrap the hair around the barrel.

For those hard to reach back hair sections, do your best, don’t stress too much as it will all come together in the end when you brush the comb through.

Style your hair in a way that suits you, move your part around, add a headband, pull the fringe back, whatever suits your outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this first of three tutorials of using the ghd curve® classic curl tong, stay tuned over the next three days, I will be showing you three other hair styles to have you weekend ready!