Do you know how important it is to be happy in your own skin? Do you know that no matter what size a woman is, they always want something different. You know, I have said this before, but when I was at my skinniest, last year, it was the worst time for me. I felt too skinny and wanted to gain a few more kg’s to feel more me, I didn’t lose the weight intentionally, it was a combination of clean eating, exercise, anxiety and getting gastro! People would say “look how skinny you are!” or “wow, I wish I could be that skinny after two kids” but for me, I wished they didn’t say those things as it made me feel self conscious. Funny, isn’t it? How you wouldn’t guess the skinny girl to be self conscious! The moral of this story is, is that all that matters is our health, without it we deteriorate and have nothing. No matter what size you are, if you are healthy, be grateful, look around at the people who love you and the home you live in, the job you have and count your beautiful blessings, as you are one lucky person, life is about being happy, healthy and love! Own it!

So, as you know, I have been embracing the ‘looking sexy under my clothes’ for a while now and can I tell you? I love it! So does Josh, let’s just say and who knows, a third child might be here before we know it! ha! jokes (not preg). In these gorgeous shots, I am wearing the new Triumph Magic Boost bra, a unique bra design solution that gives even the A-cup like me a little somethin’ somethin’.

The Magic Boost was developed for women like me who lost a little boobie magic after having children, this bra is helping women to reclaim their shape with a little Triumph magic. If you have been missing the perfect curve due to pregnancy, ageing, weight gain or loss, there is a bra in this collection for you.
The Push Up: for smaller rounded bust,
The Lift Up: for women who have lost volume and
The Shape Up: for fuller breasted women giving a natural rounded shape.

You know I don’t like to be too nudie rudie, but I thought it was absolutely worth it as I am comfortable in my own skin, and because I felt pretty good wearing my Magic Boost pottering round my bedroom and wardrobe for this photo shoot (with the heater cranked up!). xo