Hey guys, it is another week, another winter week here in Melbourne and it is freaking cold! Today it rained all day long and trying to get two kids to kinder in the rain is not pleasant I can tell you that!

In other news, how cayyyute is this house we shot at? My reinvention of wearing luxurious Nuan cashmere as a little black suit absolutely popped in this location. I wasn’t even cold because of the 100% cashmere Coco pieces, cute right? I did a little shoot with them last week that will be in the Herald Sun tomorrow, can’t wait to see me and my gorgeous friend Sanchia sporting the knit dress look!

Ok, so because it was so successful last time, here are some Jess Facts you might not know:

  1. I don’t leave the house without a winged liquid eyeliner (I think it makes my big eyes look smaller)
  2. I don’t brush my hair
  3. I prefer pedicures to manicures (I cringe at the sound of the nail file)
  4. I make Aston the same lunch for kinder every single day
  5. I am scared to get hair laser removal (I am happy to suffer the pain of waxing)
  6. I convinced myself when I was little that I hovered off the ground aka flew but no one saw it of course, I also thought I was psychic (:|)
  7. I often wonder what happened to JTT, my first true love (I used to pretend I was in the music studio singing back to him as Narla and as he was Simba, cringe)
  8. Even as an emo/metal loving girl with an eyebrow ring, I was still fashun (If I can find a photo to show you I will, but I think they all got burnt in the burn-all-photos-of-ex-boyfriend fire of 2003.
  9. I may or may not be called Messy-ca (Jessica, messy car, messica, same thing!)
  10. One time, in primary school, I had a fight with my best friend and so the whole grade 6 divided, well not really divided because I was left with one friend and my so-called BFF had the rest of the year level and she walked around the play ground with a boom box on her shoulder. I am not even joking! (note to self, get boom box)
  11. I broke my arm twice, once when I was three, climbing a ladder to spy on the cute neighbour boy and second tripping over a basketball in primary school- unco much?
  12. I never played a sport.
  13. I am obsessed with diamonds, I dream about them and look at photos of them all the time.
  14. Kourtney is my new favourite Kardashian
  15. I have a crush on Scott Disick
  16. Victoria Beckham is queen
  17. If I met Karl Lagerfeld, I think I would be nervous but mostly not worthy to be in his presence.
  18. I dream about visiting Coco Chanel’s apartment, it is the one thing on the ‘bucket list’ I would love to do, other than that, I am pretty content with everything I have right here at home with my boys.
  19. I decided this year that I will invest more into my wardrobe where possible instead of filling it with 80% fast fashion. I have my cashmere pieces (as seen in this blog post) and next I am after a leather jacket.
  20. I can name more professional golfers than most women (Josh lives and breathes golf and there is no escape for me)