Sometimes, I get a little passionate over something and most of the time, it is fashion. It did all start with my Chanel obsession (as you well know) and is the reason I am sitting here writing this blog post for you  right now. My good friends will tell you that when I am passionate about something, I tend to get a little obsessed with it and rave on and on about it until I am completely satisfied that they have jumped on my band wagon. Usually a good passionate moment is over new things, new styles or trends and brands.

Here is my latest… NUAN Cashmere. You might have seen me wear my Coco coat by NUAN last year (here) and occasionally on my instagram and after a few emails and DM’s on Instagram from you guys, that had a common theme, titled “What should I be investing in my wardrobe this winter?” I thought, this is a great opportunity for me to introduce you to a fabulous winter (slash transeasonal) investment I am absolutely passionate about, cashmere.

But first, let me start by pointing out a recent article on (read HERE it will really get you thinking and give you the courage to spend more, you will see what I mean) they talk about buying fast fashion and how the footprint you leave on the environment will be a whole lot bigger.

Compare this to investing into a high quality garment that does happen to have a higher price point, but, it will actually be better for your return, it will stand the test of time in your wardrobe, therefore once you have it- it will last and you won’t need to buy another…black winter coat for example. Shop less, spend more, high quality clothes will last and fast fashion won’t.

Hold up- don’t get me wrong, you know I do love my fast fashion brands a lot, they do keep me on trend and make up most of my wardrobe and everyone has their own budget to fit into their individual lifestyle, but if you had a snoop in my wardrobe and pulled out my key items- my black cashmere Coco coat, my black and grey woollen coats, my cashmere chunky knit, my leather jacket and favourite ankle boots, I paid a fair amount for them but, they ain’t going in the hand-me-down pile any time soon.

Leading the charge for timeless, quality designs is NUAN a premium, tailored cashmere brand made from only the purest, longest cashmere yarn and established in 2006 by Irish born, Brisbane-based designer Caoimhe Ryan (pronounced Quiva). Ryan not only works with one of the world’s most luxurious yarns, she is also committed to creating classic, timeless pieces that will never go out of fashion (so she ticks all the longevity boxes!) What I also love about NUAN is that it an authentic cashmere brand that only uses 100% long yarn cashmere, rather than a cashmere blend, used by most ready-to-wear designers. I love that fact, next time you head into a designer store, look at the inside label to see if it is 100% Cashmere or a blend. Each piece should be purchased for longevity not as a seasonal fad.

I got to have a play with all these pieces from the NUAN collation so I could show you how you can incorporate a cashmere piece into your wardrobe, remember? the aint-going-anywhere-piece? My favourite from the collection is the Coco jacket (of course as it is inspired by Mademoiselle herself) but I can’t seem to decide if I love the cropped Coco jacket better than my long Coco coat! Each jacket comes in a few colour ways, I have black at home and here I featured two key colours for this winter, burgundy and navy. Oh and I also love the infinity scarf, give me a chunky scarf any day! Such a beautiful Australian brand, we are so lucky to have such high quality designers in our own country using the best of the best in fabrication and NUAN is the perfect example of this. Actually, such a great mothers day idea too, what mum wouldn’t love a cashmere piece that they will have forever? Bingo!

Well, I better sign off for the night, it is my 8 year wedding anniversary tonight so I best spend some time with the hubby. Cant wait to talk more investment winter pieces with you over the next few weeks and if you get a moment, check out NUAN (also available at stockists in Sydney, Brisbane, New York and California) the pieces are incredible, if only the internet could provide you with touch, because this cashmere is deliciously cosy!