The other day, as I was packing two kids, a dog and myself into the car at 8:15am, a woman (in her early 30’s) happened to be walking on the footpath, she stopped, stared at me, looked me up and down and then said “you are a legend!”. What the? “Ahhh thanks, haha” I replied.

I had to take a moment to ponder about why she said that, was it because she follows my blog? nope, it was because she saw a mum that had make-up on, wearing a pretty cool outfit, getting her two well dressed boys, plus dog in the car before 8:30am! I then looked myself up and down and gave myself an imaginary high five and walked over to the drivers seat with that smug smile on my face.

Let’s be honest here, this doesnt happen every day, I just so happened to have had a meeting booked in for after kinder drop offs, so I had to get up at 6am to do my hair and make-up before the kids woke, before making Aston’s kinder lunch, before making breakfast, getting them dressed etc etc for me to be out that door super early. As I think about it, I am glad that chick saw me that day and not the next, there wouldn’t have been no legend comments being thrown around I can tell you now!

So the reason for this blog post? Well, that outfit I was wearing was so simple but so cool, I thought I would help you make your morning routine a lot easier by suggesting some easy, chic looks you can put together in a rush. I will aim to get a fortnightly ‘Steal my look’ post up for you with direct shopping links for you to shop straight away.

Let’s get straight into this first look (mind my angry looking face) it is my go-to look (not the angry face, the outfit), ripped jeans, plaid shirt and a cardi. Three pieces to make up the outfit, simple! A bottom, top and one other layer! The cardi could easily be replaced with a leather jacket, blazer or denim jacket. Love a great pair of ankle boots for, well, all seasons and a cross body bag is the best handbag investment I always recommend!

Wear for:

  • school pick-ups and drop offs
  • running errands
  • shopping days