It has been a while since I have written a personal post, so when Target approached me to feature their new kids collection, I thought it would be a great idea to get the boys in their new range and I can chat to you all about being a mum of two boys. I only recently started dressing Aston and Will in matchy clothes and lets just say, I am a little bit addicted. Mum used to dress me and my brother in matching outfits (in the 80’s they used to sell boy and girl sailor suits :o! ) and seeings I don’t have a girl to style up in mini-me outfits, well, this is my outlet to play dress ups.

You might be able to tell in the above photos that my boys are opposites. Aston, the older one, is thin, tall, darker hair and big brown eyes, doesn’t eat much food, he hates to be dirty, likes to look neat and play with his toys, line them up, spend time building things and plays quietly by himself. William on the other hand is a little boot, he is rough-and-tumble, stocky, strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, loves to make a mess, loves food, doesn’t sit still, won’t watch tv or play with toys, only plays with balls, balloons and golf clubs and always gets his clothes dirty. It is for these opposite reasons, that I like to dress them the same, so they have at least something in common!!

When Will came along, I couldn’t believe that I created another little human that is complete opposite to the first human I made. My boys don’t exactly get along, Will knocks down the towers that Aston spends hours making, he steals his big brothers dinner and Aston punches him every time I turn my back. Basically, I am always screaming at home. Being a mum of two boys, is bloody hard work. I remember someone said to me that two kids are hard but are good for each other because they entertain each other, well, ummmm, tick-tock goes the clock and I aint’ getting a moment of peace, when the heck will this day come? My days are spent with my eyes on the back of my head, always watching what they are up to, catching one before he falls off the coffee table and bribing the other one to eat his lunch. We usually have one kid sleep in our bed at night because it is easier to get them back to sleep before waking the other!

My house is such a mess, I am forever tripping over a football, cars or blocks and dirty clothes in every corner. Boys don’t see mess, nor do men for that matter, literally ten minutes ago, I screamed “Ah! what is that on the flooooor!!?” my husband said “Oh, its a banana peel gone black” so… he saw it earlier, he knew what I was talking about and he was just waiting for me to pick it up? gah!

On that note (here we go, I am on a roll) you know those mums that you see out and about and their kids are being all feral and the mum just seems to ignore it or not do anything to control her kids? You just want to say “hey lady, your kid is being a psycho, shut it up why don’t ya?” well, I was like you, that woman on the outside, but now, being a mother of two boys, I am that woman. I am oblivious to the craziness when we are out in public and if there is a tantrum in the toy department at Target (regular occurrence) I am so sedated and calm I am like “Aston, please stop. Lets go darling, ok I will buy it for you” in a slow, numb tone like he has me under some sort of spell. And, here is the reason why women like me are like this in public, because at home, we are screaming banshee’s and we have no more energy when we walk out into the sunlight. I pretty much scream all day, “Will! get out of the toilet” “Aston, don’t hit him” “Will! do not throw your pasta bowl” “Aston! I saw that!”

As for baby number three? Well, I was keen as mustard to try this year for another baby not too long ago, but seriously, man I need a break! I think maybe a dog will do for now. Kids are amazing, the loves of my life but they are absolute work. I can say, as we all say, I wouldn’t change it for the world because I love them more than I could ever describe and they do have one thing in common, they are mummies boys, they love a good cuddle along with a story and kiss before bed.

Ahhhh, that was a great venting session, thanks guys. Do yourself a favour and check out the Target kidswear for Spring Summer, the quality is amazing and it meets all the ‘ables’ – durable, fashionable, affordable and comfortable. Aston’s blue shirt and the tan shorts match an outfit my husband wears, me thinks I will play the matchy matchy daddy-kid game this weekend!

Lightning Shorts $12 // Pirate Hat Tee $8
Track Shorts $10 // Stripe Boat Tee $8

Lightning Shorts $12 // Long Sleeve Shirt $18 // Pirate Hat Tee $8
Chino Shorts $15 // Yellow Tshirt $8
Board Shorts $10 // Short Sleeve Shirt $15