KWOO_WWKD_JUNE14_071zstreet style 2KWOO_WWKD_JUNE14_080 street style leather KWOO_WWKD_JUNE14_097 KWOO_WWKD_JUNE14_090 KWOO_WWKD_JUNE14_069 KWOO_WWKD_JUNE14_093 KWOO_WWKD_JUNE14_099 KWOO_WWKD_JUNE14_068 chanel boy bag 1 KWOO_WWKD_JUNE14_103

Jumpsuit: Single White Female, Leather Jacket: Superdry, Beanie: Habbot, Bag, Necklace and Shoes: CHANEL

Black on black on black! The key to successful ‘blackening’ (just made that up) is to mix black fabrics such as leather, jersey, cotton, wool or fur, whatever you have. Also, I introduce my CHANEL boy bag! I have been after him for a long time but living in Australia means, it is more expensive and once stock arrives it sells out that day or the day after. I haven’t taken it out of its box apart from this shoot because cos the bub and carrying a nappy bag and it seems the chain has made indents on it- gahhhh! He is still beautiful nevertheless.

Oh and hey, I chopped my hair!

Photography: Karen Woo for Fashion Photography Melbourne