Here I am in my third trimester, my last trimester forever! (#nomorekids). Looking back on the last two trimesters, I don’t know how I survived it, oh, wait I know how, with a pocked full of ginger, a paper bag stash in my car (for spew emergencies) and being in bed by 6pm. I was nauseous every single day and vomiting most days multiple times, I was super tired, I had two kids and one of them whom I try and keep alive each day as he is a run-away child and all whilst working hard on the blog. I am exhausted even writing about this.

Thankfully, at 27.5 weeks, I am not sick anymore and I am on the home stretch and when I say stretch, I mean my tummy is so stretched, painful and annoying and I will most likely double in size over the coming 11 weeks. But despite the fact that I am not vomiting anymore, does this really make for the best trimester? Let’s look into this…

I am not so tired now in the day time which is great… Ok let me start that again, before 2pm, I am not so tired in the daytime.

I am sleeping pretty well, between the hours of 5am-7am, after a full night of insomnia and not being able to find the perfect comfy spot. I have pillows all around me, between my legs and under my head and sometimes, when things get really annoying, I sleep sitting up! I truly believe this is my good old body preparing me to wake up for night time feeds. Seriously? Haven’t you ever heard of storing your sleep into the sleep bank? Oh wait, that doesn’t exist despite what your neighbour or aunty Maggie tells you “get lots of sleep now”.

I am very determined to work hard up until my delivery date and I can get a lot more done now compared to when I was super unwell. You know what I mean by more done? It means working (like I am right now) in bed, because now that my head isn’t confined to the toilet bowl, my days are now jam packed with kid’s activities, baby preparation, doctors’ appointments, meetings, events and Pilates classes that I have been skipping. Hmmmm

Physically, I am looking pretty good, much better than my first pregnancy in which I gained 25kgs, this time, I am around about 7kgs so far. My hair is thick, my cheeks are full which gives me a glow (so does the highlighter I have been using, shhhhh) and so far, I haven’t got the swollen feet and legs I usually get. Yes, my back aches, yes, I have low iron, sore boobs, a glimpse of anxiety and I am stretching in places that shouldn’t stretch. But, let’s just do some calculations for a second… I am just under 28 weeks, so how long will this ‘good’ period last until? There is a lot yet to come as I know from experience. From around 34 weeks, the heaviness, the rapid weight gain, the swollen feet, the fluid face, the fatigue (again) and Braxton hicks.

Hmmm, is the moral of this blog post basically telling me that this pregnancy is only going to have a ‘good’ run of only about 5 weeks out of 40? Yes, yes, it is.