We are in the middle of VAMFF 2016, the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival, the biggest consumer fashion event this country has seen, not to mention the world. I am so, so proud to be apart of the team this year as a digital ambassador, especially knowing that the world is currently watching every move of the VAMFF event, as the ‘consumer fashion event’ concept will, most definitely, be seen across the world before we know it I am sure.

This year, the bar has reached the highest of heights, with the new location for VAMFF being the Melbourne Museum Precinct.
What a production!
From the infinity runway, the high quality model selection, celebrity appearances, through to the embrace of our interstate friends, designers and bloggers. I felt a real camaraderie amongst the bloggers and ¬†VAMFF team this year above all years, the Melbourne blogger scene is huge, there are so many bloggers now, I can’t keep track, but the festival and Mr Graeme Lewsey (VAMFF CEO, the amazing and clever man that he is) opened his arms and joined the hands of the blogger and the festival together to ensure, you the consumer, the follower and reader could feel apart of the festival. As a blogger who has supported the festival for 6 years, it was a great feeling of appreciation.

In fact, you, the consumer, the follower and reader, are the core of this event and it was all about spoiling you this year. Did you notice how the designers, models, celebrities and bloggers were amongst the public crowd this year? This is thanks to Graeme. Did you notice that you were enjoying your Lavazza cheese platter and espresso martini next to Nadia Fairfax or Dasha Gold? How did you feel sitting only meters away from the designers of the show you were watching? Did you get excited and feel that buzz in your tummy? I bet you did, just like me, you felt apart of Melbourne fashion and you felt special.

I have highlighted some of my stand out looks for A/W2016 above, as you can see, black and white is a never ending trend for winter, just inject yourself a hint of burgundy/maroon/burn orange/navy.

Another highlight for me was being dressed by Alice McCALL on day 2 and being apart of her #aliceMcCALLsquad with my fav gal pals. How good is her collection?

Target, literally made me tear up, I had such a blast watching that show and seeing the cutest kids walk the runway, their nerves brought a tear to my eye as I felt so proud of them, imagining it was Aston or Will (my boys) and then, the powerhouse Mauboy sang her bloody guts out! I might have been seen dancing like a manic in front row.

And lastly, to those of you that tapped me on the shoulder in the crowd, came up to me outside whilst collecting my tickets or as I was walking out to my car, thank you! Thank you for having the confidence to come up and say hi, for asking for a photo or for just saying that you follow my blog. That means the world to me, I will always have time for you and please never, feel like you are interrupting or whatever, if it wasn’t for you supporting me, I wouldn’t be typing this right now!

Thank you to Graeme, VAMFF, AMPR and to everyone involved in the festival this year, you should be so proud, I know I am and I look forward to next year!