1. Pile lined hoodie 2. Pile lined sweats 3. Padded parker 4. Sweat pants 5. Padded vest 6. Puffer with hood 7. Girls puffer

I thought I would whip this blog post up for you about our favourite Uniqlo winter pieces that my boys have been wearing almost every day. Styling boys can be tricky as they are active and messy and fussy with what they wear so if I can help you do what we do, well why not?

We have the Uniqlo padded jackets and vests in almost every colour, not just because I have partnered with them over the last year, but because they are so light weight, durable and look very smart on my boys, I always choose a new one to add to their collection. They are super warm and my boys have never complained about wearing them, which is one of my biggest issues with Will my four year old.

The pile lined track pants and hoodie are their absolute favourite things to wear and although I don’t love the idea of them wearing the sweats all the time, but when they do, we can style them up with other pieces to make them look casual-cool. We always put the pile lined sweats on for swimming lessons as it is all they need to keep them warm after coming out of the pool and it makes for a super fast change in hideous change rooms.

Anyways, I definitely wouldn’t be dedicating an entire post to these Uniqlo pieces if I truly didn’t love them, so do yourself a favour and take a snoop in store or snap them up online. As a guide, Aston is a size 120 (pants and tops), but I have been buying him also 130 in tops which is a bit big but he will grow into them. Will wears a 110 in pants and 120 in tops.