He slept through! You knew this already because it happened last week and I shared it on my socials. He slept an entire night, right after he ate pasta for the first time for dinner and the night I decided to stop the dreamfeed. Just quickly, if you dont know what a dreamfeed is, it is a feed at around 10/10:30pm that you do whilst they are still asleep. You pick them up out of the cot, feed them a bottle/breast while they sleep and then put them down like nothing ever happened and pray it helps them sleep longer.

So, I dropped the dreamfeed and he just stayed asleep that night. You think that my first un-interruped nights sleep in almost a year would have meant that I slept right? Well, no, I was up sneaking in and out of his room checking that he was breathing. Duh!

The next night, I tried to do the exact same things as I did the night before. I fed him his risoni pasta, read him his book, dropped the dreamfeed and heck, I even put him in the same sleep suit and sleep bag from the night before, even if it really needed a wash. What do you think happened? He woke at 10:30pm, I couldn’t settle him, I gave him a bottle, he wouldn’t go back to sleep and he ended up in my bed.

The entire week was like this, mostly bad sleep and ended up in my bed or he would sleep til about 2am/3am and then end up in my bed.

His drool is excessive, if I let him grizzle in his cot for a bit, his bed would be soaking from his saliva so I know he is teething and this isn’t helping any kind of sleep happen. I have given him nurafen and panadol on occasions but I just don’t believe they work. Am I dosing him enough? does he weigh more than I think he does? Bonjela? Not much help there either.

So apart from teething, he is going through some other developments also. He started to use his fine motor skills by attempting to put his dummy in his mouth (hell yeah, this is one of my fave milestones which will then mean that I will put about ten dummies in his cot for his sleeps) and he tried to pick up some food from his tray table. Freddie is also pushing up very strong with his arms and I am helping him tuck in his legs into the crawling position. I must be honest for a second here, we are flying to Europe in the coming weeks and I secretly hope he wont start crawling before we go or that plane right might be more hell than hell.

I am getting some info on solid feeding for you as I have had so many requests about sharing some ideas. So far we stick to the risoni at night with either chicken and zucchini or just some pumpkin. I offer him tuna and avocado during the day or perhaps some beef (mince puree) with veg and always pear afterwards. He is loving the Baby MumMums and I think he likes them better than the food I am making him. For breakfast I give porridge and sometimes fruit mixed with it.

Me? I have been great, super busy but the nanny, who is here now, has be so beneficial for me to get work done. I have so many ideas for me to do business wise, that you, my readers has requested so please send a Direct Message on IG (I see them all) and tell me what you want from me and I will add it to the list!

Today, I just got back from doing literacy group with Aston’s class. I left with mothers guilt. He is struggling a little with actually working and putting pen to paper and doesn’t complete his work. I thought having me there might help him and for me to see it will help me understand it. If he gets two stars in his school day for doing work it equals ten minutes on the iPad on the weekend or a toy I would buy him. He did ok, but he did need a lot of prompting from me to help him complete his work and as I was leaving, his teacher asked me if he should get two stars. I said “ahhhh yeahhhh, he did need a lot of prompting… yeahhh?” and I wish I just said “yes”. You see, now I think about it, I should have just encouraged him and celebrated the work he actually did, instead of ‘teaching him’ that he still has some work to get to where he should be. Since leaving that class room, I have felt sick and yeah, maybe Aston might not remember or care or think about it, but maybe he might and I feel so bad. This is motherhood. This is learning along the way and this is so hard. I cant take away my words but I can say more words an d when he is home from school, I will encourage and praise the good that he did today and let him know that I am proud of him… and spoil him with a kinder surprise for the cherry on top.

All up a pretty good week, a very drooly baby, still happy as always, a break through with some sleep and lessons of motherhood.


Bottle when he wakes- if it is before 7am I will wait until then to feed him.

around an hour after his milk I give breakfast solids (porridge)

around 9/9:30 sleep

around 11am bottle

an hour later solids for lunch (veg, protein and then pear)

1pm or so sleep

bottle when he wakes

nap around 4/4:30pm

when he wakes no later than 5:15pm solids dinner