Feeding your baby can be exciting and daunting in the one breath. I can admit that I am not that experimental with feeding my 8 month old but I thought many of you can feel me on this and might get something out of what I have been feeding him.


Firstly here are some facts I found on the raising children network online:

You can introduce solids in any order, as long as you include iron-rich foods and the food is the right texture.

Iron-rich foods include:

  • iron-fortified infant rice cereal
  • minced meat, poultry and fish
  • cooked tofu and legumes
  • mashed, cooked egg (don’t give raw or runny egg).

To these iron-rich foods, you can add other healthy foods like:

  • vegetables – for example, cooked potato or carrot
  • fruit – for example, banana, apple, melon or avocado
  • grains – for example, wheat, oats, bread and pasta
  • dairy foods – for example, yoghurt and full-fat cheese.


(the above taken from: raisingchildren.net.au)


Some recipe ideas:


Chicken, Zucchini, pear

(steamed, poached chicken breast, steamed zucchini and pear then puree or mash to desired consistency)


Tuna and avocado

(Tin tuna strained oil or water and mash with a fork with avocado to desired consistency)


Chicken soup puree

(Refer to my chicken soup recipe HERE then puree to desired consistency)


Beef, pumpkin, risoni

(Steam, roast or fry beef, steam pumpkin, puree to desired consistency then boil risoni and mix with the rest of the food- you might need to add some cool boiled water to make it less heavy)


Risoni, tuna, broccoli

(Boil or steam broccoli and mush it, mush tuna, boil risoni and mix all together)


Bolognese and pasta puree

(make a Bolognese sauce- include carrot/celery and don’t add salt into your Bolognese- cook pasta and combine and puree)


Salmon, sweet potato, pear

(steam/cook salmon, steam/boil sweet potato and pear and puree together)


Scrambled egg* with avocado

(whisk two eggs with a dash of milk, fry in pan with coconut oil until all cooked then mash with avocado)


Rice, pumpkin, avocado

(Cook rice, boil/steam pumpkin and mash avocado and combine)


White fish, pumpkin, risoni

(cook fish, boil/steam pumpkin and boil risoni and combine)



*eggs should be fully cooked and you should test first for allergies. The Raising Children website has great info on allergies and when to test or introduces foods such as peanuts and eggs (before 12months) and honey (after 12 months).

This is a guide only to what I feed my baby, please consider your own child and how comfortable you are first before trying these options.