I am officially in packing mode, so I thought I would give you an update on how all that is going. I have found my followers on instragram to be the biggest help when it comes to giving me advice on traveling with children. I am also sure that I will be giving back the advice to other followers so it’s a win win for everyone.

So far, I am at the stage of having a really, really, REALLY long list of things to pack, I have started to buy some key items I want to take with me and have piles and piles of the boy’s summer clothing in the spare room.

I am no way near close to being finished but a progress blog post is always good. On my return, I will definitely do several posts on what to pack, tips on traveling with kids and where to go in the countries I visit.

Some Tips I have received so far and what I have in mind to pack:


Lots of formula and bottles- I actually discovered the b.box formula + bottle dispenser in one (HERE) UPDATE- bbox have offered my readers 20% off online with code: jessxbbox20. My mum told me about it a while ago and I did some investigating myself. This will be perfect for the aeroplane and times I am out and about.

Pack two change of outfits for the kids and put them into zip lock bags with the entire outfit in it.

Wrap some surprise toys for the boys to give them during the flight. I found Smiggle have some fun and random things to keep them entertained. I also got the boys the fingerling toys too.

Have the nappies, wipes and change mat all together ready to grab. I have the b.box one called the ‘diaper wallet’ (HERE).

Take all medications for the kids including Ventolin, Panadol, bonjela etc. I went to Chemist warehouse and bought all of this plus a clear make-up bag to put it in. The essentials that I would need to grab straight away are packed in my hand bag and the not so essential are in the small carry on suitcase.

Take some snacks for the kids as we know they will cry out “I am hungry” when there is no food around and you are waiting in line somewhere in the airport. For Freddie, I am taking a few organic pouches to feed him and his baby porridge. For the first flight, I will bring his homemade food in (again..) the b.box  travel snack container (HERE) that comes with its own spoon.

Pack a cosy blanket for Freddie to snuggle and get used to that he will use the whole trip. I am also taking a Mister Fly  muslin to put down on the floor for him to have floor time at airports or to shade him when we arrive and he is in the pram. I am taking his actual Mister Fly play mat too but in the suitcase.

I found a few brands that make steriliser bags, Baby Bunting stock most of them and I also found Medela   do them (HERE). There are also things called antibacterial tablets (HERE).

Lots of extra dummies and a dummy chain (Pop ya tot)

I am downloading the boys’ favourite shows from Netflix onto their ipads so we don’t have to use any internet on their devises for the entire trip.

The boys will carry their own back packs with ipad, clothes, water, snacks, soft toys and I will take Freddie’s things in a carry-on suitcase and a handbag.

In the suitcase, I will pack all the clothing, shoes, nappies, pj’s, extra food such as pouches for Freddies, cereal and pasta (I will have a kitchen in one of the countries) even cans of Tuna. Extra travel bibs (b.box one HERE) and tins of formula.

I definitely have to cull the clothing down this week but all of the above is about everything I have at the moment. Love to hear any more ideas you have, just message me on Instagram and I can add it this week while I am still packing.