In between the mayhem of almost leaving for Euro, I thought I should squeeze in Freddies latest weekly update because I don’t think I will be doing it when I am away- sorry!

Freddie’s mile stones:

He can sit up alone! Sometimes he is on his tummy then he does this manoeuvre to sit himself up, its amazing. He is also up on all fours moving back and forth and sometimes lifts a hand up to almost crawl.

Freddie has four top teeth coming out at once, I repeat- FOUR! This has to explain the last month or more with his sleeping issues but not that I can see small little white buds popping out, he is so much better.

He is pooping so much more now- sorry.. but after every tummy time, he needs a nappy change.

Freddie can ‘Hi Five’

Freddie can rock back and forth to music and his favourite ‘row your boat’.

I was able to get Freddie to sleep in his cot all week in the day time. I would put him down drowsy and give him a few pats and leave the room so he could self settle. By doing this, he could then re-settle himself after the 45 minutes he usually wakes. The Ollie the Owl by Gro has really helped block out the big kid noise and even at night helps him settle.

This has meant that he has slept through the night twice without me having to go into his room. He would wake, stir, Ollie turns on, he might reach for one of ten dummies and put it in his mouth and settle. I also have him in his 2.5 tog gro bag and the dimplex oil heat on and his room stays at around 19-20deg.

I feed him chicken soup for dinner mixed with pasta (see my last post for ten great recipes for bubs HERE) and no red meat at night as I found he never had a good night those nights.

Thats about it, I must get back to it but don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to keep up to date and my stories too before they all disappear in the 24 hours! I will do a big blog when I am home! Keep in touch as I love seeing your messages, likes and DM’s on IG! Most people are surprise when I reply, but I actually don’t know why other grammers don’t reply! Isn’t that rude? Anyways keep in touch and bare with me if it does take a little while to write back and hello- the data! yikes!

Freddies routine- OK I stopped the ‘milk to sleep’ as I said that I started last week, it didn’t really work and was stopping him learning to self settle- sorry to those who tried it!

Wake and bottle



2-2.5 hours later sleep

wake bottle (around 11ish)



2-2.5 hours later sleep

wake bottle


potential nap but if he wakes around 3:30ish then he wont have another sleep.

5pm dinner


6pm bath

6:30pm bottle/book

7pmish or when he is tired bed

If he cries in the night I will give him a bottle, once.