There are so many options out there for a baby bag or nappy bag or diaper bag, whatever you might call it. For my first one, I had the Marc by Marc Jacobs Eliz-a-baby and it was so so good! I used it for my second for a while and then I upgraded to a Celine tote. For this baby, I went all out and bought a Chanel tote, what can I say? Karl made me do it (Lagerfeld incase you aren’t too sure who Karl is!)

Here is a bunch of bags I thought you would love, at all different price points. Simply click on the bag in the image above to be sent to the link to shop it, or see below.

Enjoy! xo

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  1. The daily edited 2. Marc Jacobs 3. Sammy Tote   4.Marc Jacobs 5. Oi Oi   6.Sammy Tote  7. Dsquared2 8. Zandah  9. Polo Ralph Lauren  10. Marc Jacobs 11. Gucci 12.Marc Jacobs 13. Gucci 14. Adidas 15. Marc Jacobs 16. Marc Jacobs 17. Kenzo 18. Pop Quiz Backpack 19. Gucci