This week was a non event really, especially comparing to all the things he achieved when we were overseas (crawling, loads of teeth, eating more types of food). The one thing that we did have to do urgently this week was move Freddie’s mattress lower. The point we realised that we needed to do this was when he toppled head first out of the bath, luckily I sit and supervise him and I caught him.

He keeps using his super strong legs to stand up and hold onto things and at the moment he is refusing to sit in the bath and as much as it crossed my mind that we could fall forward, I didn’t think it would actually happen, but it did. He has been standing in the cot too and many times I thought he might lean over and fall out eventually… but not now? Well, yes now, he could, so I got Josh to drop the mattress and now he is in the perfect play pen (haha, no seriously, this could be a great thing here).

Now Freddie stands in the cot and he is very safe, not much we can do for the bath until he gets over the ‘standing’ novelty.

Speaking just now about a play pen, I am very tempted to buy one! Let me know if you have one and your thoughts by commenting in my latest IG post as I would love to know if it is worth it. I have never had a play pen before because: A- they clutter and don’t look great in my home and B- because I don’t know if other mums would judge and think it’s cruel? I actually have no real other option on them and I am very much open to getting one as I am so sick of this kids getting into everything and putting things his mouth. Especially because I need to get work done, cook dinner and in the mornings when I need to get dressed myself and have to put him the pram just so I know where he is.

And speaking of him getting into everything, Freddie has an obsession with the back door. The other day, Will was running in and out of the house and I told him to close the door so Freddie didn’t escape. I was behind the kitchen bench making food or something and Will closes the door and then I hear a screeeeeeeeam from Freddie. I look over and he isn’t moving away from the door. I knew, I knew straight away and I ran to him and the nanny was also home with me and she opened the door to let his little fingers free. I remember thinking in my head “I can’t look”, I didn’t want to imagine what his fingers looked like, how he felt and that I couldn’t do anything to help him. I picked him up as he was screaming, told the nanny to call ‘Nurse on Call’ and I immediately put ice on his fingers and got his dummy. Will ran off feeling bad, I didn’t yell at him, it was a complete accident.

I was worried his broke his tiny fingers but it was just his finger tips that were stuck, thank goodness. The nurse on call nurse wasn’t very worried but she did say not to give Nurafen, which I found interesting.

Freddie recovered quite quickly and today, I can see his nails might drop off.

He is starting to be vocal, but not a babbler or trying to make letter sounds, its more like he is angry! I will have to film it on my stories, but he almost gets angry or frustrated and vocalises it. Its actually hilarious and I am happy to provoke it just to see it (naughty mum!).

Well, looks like we actually did have somewhat of an eventful week didn’t we?

His blocked nose hasn’t helped with the night sleeping as he has been waking often but his eat play sleep routine-ish is same as usual. Even if he misses a day sleep or has a short one etc, I keep the dinner time (5pm) the same and from there he has his bath, bottle and bed at the same time each night.

I am super busy the next few weeks so please if you DM or comment on my IG, just bare with me but I will get back to you! I am selling loads of baby stuff on gumtree but if there is anything you have seen I might want to sell, let me know. PS- if you have loved any of my blog posts such as the post baby weight, baby gender post (<– click on the title to read about my feelings about having another boy) or any others (such as baby name list, or my birth stories)be sure to share them with your friends who might need to read them xxx