Here is a story for you, a little bit of an insight about me as a person before the days of WWKD. I met my husband, Josh, at a humble little nightclub in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. I was 21, I had only been single for six months and was not expecting to find ‘the one’ so soon and at such a ‘classy’ establishment. As it turns out, you can’t deny what is meant to be, and Josh and I were certainly meant to be. At 24 years old, we got engaged, not a common occurrence these days for a young couple to do so, but we did. We also got into the real-estate market early after our engagement and found a house that we could renovate and bring to life and hopefully one day, have a family in. We were married the year after and moved into our DIY renovated home we spent months and months getting ready for, we made a decision as a couple to not live together before marriage and despite the fact Josh hardly lifts a finger in our household, it kind of worked.

We moved out of the Western Suburbs, but we made sure to go back there to support local retailers and furnish our home from the stores out there, one included Harris Scarfe. I bought all my crockery, bake ware, bed furnishings and more and I actually have all these items 9 years on.

A month ago, I was asked by Harris Scarfe to collaborate with them, it was an immediate ‘of course’ because of my connection to them but the fact is, I hadn’t visited one of their stores in quite a long time.

Today, I live in a different house that is heritage and we hope to renovate one day, but until that day (which might be several years) a little freshen up and some new decorative pieces will keep me happy and have the house looking neat until then.

I visited Harris Scarfe Southland last week to find some things to spruce up my home and to create this blog post for you and let’s just say, I can’t believe it has been that long between visits! Here I was buying Sheridan full price, missing out on stocking my home with Simply Vera Vera Wang (exclusive to only Harris Scarfe) and missing out on better prices for other top brands. Simple things like pillows and doonas are always a steal in Harris Scarfe and I started to kick myself at the thought of what I’ve spent over the last year.

Let me walk you through what I chose for my bedroom and bathroom, to hopefully inspire you and to of course, make you aware of what I have been missing out on all these years!


My sheets: Simply Vera Vera Wang
Quilt set: Linenhouse
European Pillow Case: Linenhouse
Soft Blue Cushion and Throw: Soren
Candle: Simply Vera Vera Wang


Bath Towels: Sheridan Quick Dry Luxury (I paid $54.95)
Hand Towel and Face Cloth: Sheridan
Soap Pump and Matching Toothbrush holder (used as vase): Linenhouse
Hand Cream: Mozi (now exclusive to Harris Scarfe)


So, before you head out to buy that wedding gift or replenish your bath towels or upgrade your bed linen, do yourself a favour and check out Harris Scarfe first. As you know, I don’t take collaborating with a brand lightly unless I truly believe you, my reader, would benefit from it!