Recently I was approached by my new friend I met on instagram, Carla Rodan, the mamma behind the boys fashion blog/insta account Styling the Tribe. As a mother of three young boys, she found a niche for boyswear styling and features her little cuties styled up in the latest of boys fashion that you can shop now. As I am a mother of then, one boy and now two, I found a connection with her and we decided to do a mini kids photoshoot collaborating the STT kids with the bub behind WWKD!  I know this is a little different from what I usually post, but I am a mum and it is all part of my fashion journey, I thought it would be a cute little break from my  usual women’s fashion.

How cute are these kids together? My son Aston and Carla’s boys Tevita and Maikeli were styled in Sudo Kidswear the cutest boys fashion getting around and the accessories and shoes (hello the sequin high tops!!) by Milk n Soda, two Melbourne based labels with a strong national presence and are breaking into the overseas markets.

So enjoy these cute photos, be sure to check out Styling the Tribe on Instagram and soon to be website!

Photography: LISA FRIELING

Thanks to Cubbyhouse Canteen for the location and the best milkshakes!